Summary: The pattern, or Legend, of the fall of a man, or a nation, into judgment never changes. Neither does the sorrow of the Man of God as he watches it happen even though he does all he can to stop it.

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Legend of the Fall

Sunday, October 11, 2009 AM

By Pastor Jim May

What is a legend? The first response that would probably come to mind is that it is a story that has been passed down through the years of some great deed or a great hero of the past. Legends often carry with them a great deal of exaggeration and often the truth is much less than the legend states. Legends often make great stories and have happy endings and they serve to motivate us to reach a little higher to accomplish things in life.

But that isn’t the kind of legend that I am speaking of this morning. The legend that I am referring to is another kind of legend.

If you have ever looked at a map and noticed in the corner that there was a table, or a chart, listing and explaining the symbols used on the map – that table or chart, sometimes called a key, is also known as a Legend. So today I have the legend of a map, and there is a good deal of symbolism of this map, that pertains to where we are right now.

The map of course is God’s Word as found in the Book of Jeremiah chapter 8, and the legend is the symbolic course of events that we see happening in those verses.

Understand this – God uses Israel throughout the Old Testament and on into the New Testament, as examples for us to learn from. Israel made many mistakes, yet God keeps dealing with them because of His great love and because He has promised that there will be a remnant of the Jews that will be saved. Even though God has given these promises and loves Israel, there came a time when God had to send judgment upon them because they would not repent of their unfaithfulness to God.

God will contend with man only to a point. There is a point in time when God will say, “That’s enough. You won’t heed my warnings, so now I have no choice but to send judgment because my Holiness and Justice cannot tolerate your unfaithfulness any longer.”

We saw the patience of God reach its end in the Book of Genesis when He saw that there was no hope of men repenting of their sin, so He sent the flood to destroy them from the face of the earth. Only 8 people out of hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, survived God’s judgment. We also saw God’s patience with Israel run out when he allowed the nation to be destroyed the Jews scattered around the globe for over 1500 years. From 70 AD until 1948 there was no Israel, but God’s mercy is still extended and those Jews who will one day accept Jesus as Lord will be saved. Every other Jew will be in the fires of judgment because they continued to reject the Savior.

There’s another judgment coming soon. I believe that God has just about reached His limits of patience with sinful men. I sense in my spirit, and according the Word of God, the next great judgment won’t be long in coming. The next time God’s judgment will fall it won’t be in the form of a flood, but of fire. The earth and everything in it will burn as in an oven. The fires of purification will burn away every taint of sin from this world and it’s atmosphere, and God will create a new heaven and a new earth free from sin and death, where only those who have been faithful will be permitted to dwell. That number will be very small in comparison to those who are cast into the fiery pit. Even as only eight people survived the flood, very few will survive the fire.

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