Summary: We are continuing our discipleship with a study of Genesis and the Sunday Round pen Bible studies and Sunday sermons cover the same text in different ways.

Please feel free to use any or part of this sermon

All scripture in from the NLT bible

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Genesis – People relating to God

Part 1

“Legends of the fall”

Text Genesis chapter 3





There is something refreshing and optimistic about these words

These words often bring visions or feelings of fall for me

I truly love fall

Going out in the early morning

The dew thick

Steam coming off the breath of the cows and horses

Just for a while early in the morning

Before it warms up

Before we truly begin the day

A nip in the air

Cool enough to need a jacket or vest

I always get a feeling of newness

Or a fresh start

Some think of spring

Or Summer

Some even winter


Fall has signified a new beginning in many ways for me

The start of a new calving season

Shipping last year’s calf crop

Planting the wheat pastures and watching as the once barren and dusty ground turns green almost over night

Deer,Duck and Elk Hunting

The start of a new School year

Or even in years past the end of the long hot days in the hayfield

A time to catch my breath

A time to unwind a bit

Sit on the porch and kick a pig a little more often

As we start a new direction here at Caney Creek

As we truly focus on discipleship

On your and my spiritual growth

As we focus on all ages

In all areas from diaper to grave

I think it is fitting that fall is in the air


I think it is more fitting that we will begin at the beginning

The very word Genesis means


Or “ origins”

I also think it is fitting that it is the “Fall”—That causes us to begin to truly see Gods plan

The book of Genesis is where we first begin learning about

God and his nature

About homes and families



Ethnic diversity

The Nations and Languages

About His plan for us and where we fit in

The book of Genesis builds for us the very foundations of our faith

In this great book

Written so long ago

We see God’s creation of this world

The first 2 chapters give of the very basis of our belief that God is the creator

It gives us the first glimpse of the one God in three persons

With just a word

God created all that we know

We may not understand how this all works

We may never know in this life how this all works

But this is where faith comes in

We read

We trust


We believe

Just like the very air we breathe

Most of us don’t completely understand the biological and physiological functions of the body

Or how the human body uses Oxygen from the atmosphere

But we trust



That the air

The air we cannot even see

Will sustain our lives

That’s faith

Just a little

But faith all the same

As the story of creation unfolds

We see that

We-- us



Are the final creation

God made us in his image

Male and Female

So that he could love us

So that he would have someone to love

God was not lonely

He was and is and always will be complete

We see

God the Father in the very opening of the book

God the Holy Spirit just a couple of verses later


God the Son makes his appearance in chapter 3

3 in one

Known as the trinity

The very foundations of our faith

Once again the concept of the Trinity is outside the complete or clear understanding by our limited human mind

The concept is also a faith issue- a mystery that we cannot fully understand

But one we must readily accept

Genesis is not a complete history of mankind

It is not a exhaustive history of humanity

But instead Genesis is a history of

God relating to his people

And it is a history of

People relating to God

It is a history of God’s plan of redemption for his people

We started this morning with our Round pen bible studies


We began by looking at Genesis

We studied this morning about Adam and Eve

We looked at their creation

Their purpose

We looked at Gods plan for them



We saw

Them make Choices

And we saw the consequence of those choices

We saw those choices change the direction of their lives

Life got hard

Let me preface with this

God’s plan

His master plan

That is his plan of salvation

His plan of redemption

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