Summary: Put God in control put out sin

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scripture; lev.13:43-46


a progressive infectious disease caused by a bacteria that attacks the skin, flesh, nerves, etc.; it is characterized by nodules, ulcers, white scaly scabs,if not treated will cause the wasting of muscles, deformities,mutilation, and the eventual loss of sensation,( and is contagious.)

2. A morally or spiritually harmful influence.(* crt. webster+kerryology)

discovering a leper thinks a person has leprosy tells or brings them to the priest (the priest are the only ones who can condemn a leper)

2.the priest may notice the signs appearing in one and further evaluate.

once discovered

1.the priest declares the person unclean.

2.the leper is then put out from the people by the order of the priest.

3.the leper must ware a covering over his lip and if any one comes near say unclean.

4.then he is probably put on a unclean list.

lets bring this to today

1. priest=leader=pastor(could be others of the five fold if in order)

2.leprosy=sin(all sickness began at sin)(sin brings death) this(that calls its self a church)

the order that God put in place has be altered by mans feelings and self or childish understanding.

still having a form of Godliness but refusing to let the power of God move in his order.

by holding a position over the pastor head (we will vote you out)

people don’t rule God and should not rule over the man of God.

religious vs God

rel... don’t judge ---------Paul.. i judge all things

rel.. we were taught.-----Jesus.. beware of the leaven

rel.. let the tare grow-----Moses.. put that leper out

conclusion;If a leper is let go he will infect all that he is in contact with including you. The bible tells what to do but we must do are part.Many won’t like it but be faithful to God the author and finisher....many know the letter but not the spirit.

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