Summary: John's experience on the Island of Patmos


1. A political prisoner. “I was on the island of Patmos, exiled there for preaching the Word of God” (1:9). The arrest papers read, “Testifying that Jesus Christ is King.”

2. Island. “10 miles long, six miles wide. Mt. Elias is 800 feet, and John lived in a cave.”

3. Who was John? The beloved disciple when Jesus lived (John 13:23; 19:26; 20:2; 21:7, 20) who leaned on his breast (John 13:23), who didn’t run away, who brought Jesus’ mother to the cross (John 9:25-27), who wrote the 4th gospel, and 1, 2, 3 John.

4. The book comes from visions. “Reveal these things to His servant John in a vision” (1:2, NLT) and a special appearance of Jesus. “I turned to see . . . one standing . . . like unto the Son of Man” (1:12-13).

5. Note Jesus’ many names in Revelation:

What His Name Means

Jesus – human

Christ – cross

LORD – Deity

Jesus Christ, (v. 1) earthly designation

Who is, who was, and who is to come, (v. 4) eternal

Faithful witness, (v. 5) truth teller

First begotten from the dead, (v. 5) resurrection life

Greater than any king, (v. 5, NLT) preeminence

Him who loved us, (v. 5) eternal love

Washed us from our sins, (v. 5) Redeemer

He cometh with clouds, (v. 7) Return

Alpha and Omega, (v. 8) Creator and Judge

Beginning and end, (v. 8) Infinite

Lord, (v. 8) Deity

Almighty, (v. 8) the El Shaddai, sufficient one

A great voice, (v. 10) commands attention

The first and the last, (v. 11) He’s everything

Son of Man, (v. 13) humanity

Countenance as the sun, (v. 16) glorified

Alive forever more (v. 18) infinity

6. What was John’s passion? Jesus’ return. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus” (22:20).


1. Jesus, what is the focus of worship? “I turned to see who was speaking to me” (1:11. NLT).

2. His Word. What is the basis of worship? “I heard a loud voice behind me saying . . . I am Alpha and Omega (1:10-11).

3. Preparation. How shall I worship? “I was in the Spirit” (1:10).

4. Responsibility. Why should we worship? “He has gathered us into His kingdom, and made us priests of God His Father” (1:6).

5. Time. When shall I worship? “I was in . . . the Lord’s day” (1:20).

6. Bible reading. What gets you ready for worship? “Read this prophecy out loud to the church and you will receive a special blessing” (1:3, NLT).

7. Urgency. What motivates you to worship? “For the time is near when these things will all come true” (1:3).

8. Don’t neglect. What warning do we get from worship? “He cometh with clouds and every eye shall see Him, and they who pierced Him . . . shall wail because of Him” (1:7).

9. Your body reflects your heart. “I fell at His feet as dead” (1:17).

10. Spiritual response. “I fell . . . as dead” (1:10). John’s physical response suggests our spiritual response. “The world is crucified to me, and I to the world” (Gal. 6:14).

11. Not our physical experience, but Christ who we worship.

a. Glory. “His face shone like the sun, in unclouded brilliance” (1:10, NLT).

b. Purity. “His hair was white . . . as snow” (1:14).

c. Omniscience. “His eyes . . . like flames” (1:14).

d. Omnipresence. “His feet gleaming like fire brass” (1:15).

e. Omnipotence. “His voice thundered” (1:15).

If you have never really accepted Jesus as your personal Savior, would you do it right now? Do not delay or put it off. If you would like to receive Christ by faith, pray this simple prayer in your heart:

Dear Lord, I acknowledge that I am a sinner. I believe Jesus died for my sins on the cross, and rose again the third day. I repent of my sins. By faith I receive the Lord Jesus as my Savior. You promised to save me, and I believe You, because You are God and cannot lie. I believe right now that the Lord Jesus is my personal Savior, and that all my sins are forgiven through His precious blood. I thank You, dear Lord, for saving me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you prayed that prayer, God heard you and saved you. I personally want to welcome you to the family of God and rejoice with you.

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