6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: (What did the smartest man who ever lived have to say about it)



(What did the smartest man who ever lived have to say about it)

Lesson 6. Life is not about chance it is about choice.

Text: Proverbs 3:1-12. In this section the odd-numbered verses give a commandment and the even-numbered verses give a promised result.

Benefits to making good choices.

1. Vs. 1 & 2. Keep God’s laws and you will have:

• Efficient days. You get more done each day.

• Peace. God gives a peace in a way that only He can grant.

• Long life. A godly lifestyle on average will add 15-20 years to your life.

2. Vs. 3 & 4. Show mercy and be truthful and you will find:

• Favor with God. Favor is one of best things you can ever receive.

• Favor with man. Life just goes better when you internalize mercy and honesty.

3. Vs. 5 & 6. Trust in the Lord (in all ways not partial ways) and God will:

• Direct your path. It is not luck, it is the Lord. God gives His best to those that leave the choice to Him.

• To trust anything other than the Lord results in disaster.

4. Vs. 7 & 8. Turning away from evil and worshiping the Lord is the gist of repentance, which requires humility and you will be:

• Physically healthier.

• Emotionally healthier. Many of our “issues” are caused by sin.

5. Vs. 9 & 10. Give God what is right, not what is left. Those that honor God with their wealth will:

• Receive more with which to honor Him.

• Have their “stuff” last longer.

6. Vs. 11 & 12. God disciplines His own. To ask God to refrain from giving us correction would be to ask Him to:

• Love us less.

• Sinners suffer the natural consequences of their actions.

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