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Summary: Planning for and Celebrating Victory

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Series: Learning Victory From Joshua Dr. Elmer Towns

Lesson 8: After You Fail Spiritually September 2, 2012


Y – Yield your future success or failures to God.

I – Identify the spiritual causes of your failure. Achan had sinned.

E – Eliminate the sin that made you fail. “All Israel stoned him with stones” (7:25).

L – Learn from your mistakes.

D – Determine not to make that mistake again.


“The Lord said to Joshua, ‘Don’t think negatively nor doubt My Word. This time take all the warriors and capture Ai, for I will give you the king, all the people, the wealth of the city and their land. Destroy Ai as you destroyed Jericho, only this time all the spoils of war – the cattle, gold and valuables – shall you divide among the soldiers. This time plan an ambush from behind the city’” (Joshua 8:1-2, Amplified).

1. Involve all the people. “Joshua arose, and all the people of war” (8:3).

2. Be active. “To go up against Ai” (8:3).

3. Be smart. “Sent them away by night” (8:3).

4. Don’t tell your secrets to your enemy. “You shall lie in wait” (8:8).

Because satan can’t read my mind

Sometimes I pray inwardly

So he won’t attack what I am doing.

5. Be ready to do anything, i.e., yield to God’s plan. “Don’t go very far away, but be ready when the time is right” (8:4, ELT).

“I and my soldiers will attack the city at dawn. When they counter attack us, we will run away like last time. When they chase us, you charge out of hiding and quickly capture the city. When you have taken the city, set it on fire, we will see the smoke and turn around to fight. We will have them surrounded and the Lord will give us victory” (8:5-8, Amplified).

6. Inventory your assets. “Joshua numbered the soldiers” (8:10).

a. Know your helpers.

b. Know your finances.

c. Know your resources (buildings, equipment, etc.).

7.Be close to your spiritual supporters and prayer partners. “Joshua went that night to lodge with the soldiers” (8:4).

8.Make sure you obey the clear commands of God. “See, I have commanded you” (8:8).

9. Be early, be ready, and be right. “Joshua rose up early in the morning and mustered the people” (8:10).

10. Meet God before you meet your challenge.

a. Pray for wisdom.

b. Pray for strength.

c. Pray for God’s guidance.

d. Pray for victory.

11.Be at the right place. Sometimes we get defeated by being at the wrong place. What is the wrong place for you? _______________ ______________________________________________________. “Joshua “camped on the north side” (8:11). The ambushers were “on the west side” (v. 12).


“The Lord said to Joshua, ‘stretch out your spear toward Ai, (sign of attack) and I will give you the city . . .’ So those in ambush quickly rose up, ran and entered the city and set it on fire. When the solders of Ai looked behind them and saw the smoke of the city, they lost their will to fight. Then Joshua’s men turned to attack them” (8:18-20). “The army of Joshua let none of them escape” (8:22, Amplified).

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