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Summary: idleness opens you up to temptation. Don't seek rest when you're supposed to be fighting. Too many spiritual kings are sleeping when they're meant to be at war

Lessons From the Fall of David

2 Samuel 11

- Vs 1- at a time when Kings went to war David stayed back at home- there's a time to be at war as a christian. Be sober be vigilant..Don't be sleeping when you're meant to be fighting..idleness opens you up to temptation. Don't seek rest when you're supposed to be fighting. Too many spiritual kings are sleeping when they're meant to be at war. Building empires when you're meant to be building lives. Some can't even carry their sword of the spirit (Their bibles) themselves again! Now they have Joabs! Don't send when you need to go!

- vs2- David saw.. You know how men see.. i mean really see.. like you drive past someone and you feel the need to look again and then look at your rearview mirror.. Yes.. that kind of seeing.. First sight is usually innocent but the second third and fourth ones are more detailed and dangerous. be careful! What he saw affected his heart- be careful what you look at or watch! It has a way of affecting your heart. The devil would always set you up so you can see stuff you're not meant to see. Sinful things would always be beautiful to look upon or else they wouldn't appeal to you hence they wouldn't be temptation. Temptation is not temptation until it is desirable and available.

- vs3- next step to the fall was that he sent and enquired about the woman's availability. It wouldn't have been a sin if he had just seen a beautiful woman bathing naked by accident and looked away. He must have looked a second time and a third perhaps and the went a step further by enquiring. You see a girl, acknowledge she's fine and walk- you've not sinned. Most sin starts when you look for a link to her. Find a way to get to talk to her by all means even if you have to stalk her. Trying to find her on bbm, Facebook, twitter and Instagram is the pathway to falling into sin.

- the king would have saved himself if after he had found out that she was someone's wife he let her be. He was told in clear terms that she was Uriah's wife. That should have put a stop on his emotions and desires but alas what he had exposed his heart to had overruled his better judgement.

- vs4- the king sent and fetched her.. How many times have we sent and fetched trouble for ourselves. You go all the way driven by your lust looking for things you know you shouldn't be looking for in the first place. The time, energy and money you invest into something you know you should be chasing at times show the perverseness of our hearts. Married man who wouldn't give his children at home or his wife expensive gifts would find time, Money and energy to give some strange women expensive gift in order to get her and you ask for what reason?!

- notice how short the period of these whole experience was, including the act itself. Events that would change the course of a man's entire life don't take forever. How many people have altered their destiny in 20minutes of madness that messed up their entire life and even affect their entire family. Watch out! The devil just needs a little window of opportunity to do irreparable damage in people's life.

- and she returned.. Went back home like nothing happened! If only she knew what would follow after! Many time we do things in private and go on with life like nothing happened. Adam and Eve ate the fruit and it seemed to them like nothing happened.. Saul disobeyed God but still went on like nothing happened.. Never assume that your sinful act can be covered up without consequences.

- vs 5- the result of the seed of their sin was conceived and received. She became pregnant! Your own result might not be pregnancy but you'd definitely get your result in life good or bad. I don't understand why people act surprise when they get the result of the seed they have been sowing. If you don't want the harvest stop the seed! Galatians 6:7- God is never mocked, whatsoever you sow you would reap! Would you be happy with the harvest of your deeds? If not you need to consider your ways.

-vs6- now the beginning of attempts to cover up the sin. Sin brings shame. Or why would the king be trying to cover it up if it was such a good thing. Why do you need lights out to be able to do certain kind of dance moves. If you're so proud why do you need darkness? Why do you feel the need to hide your acts if they are right? How would you feel if your deeds are brought into the open?

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