6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: How Moms and Grandmothers influence their families as well as mentors who help out as well.

Iliff and Saltillo UM Churches

May 8, 2005

Mother’s Day

“Lessons from a Mom”

II Timothy 1:1-7

INTRODUCTION: Looking back on our lives we come up with different things that our Mothers taught us. These things still influence us today. Some things may bring smiles and other sadness, but we have all been shaped by our Mothers and Grandmothers in some very significant ways. There may be certain sayings that come to our minds today that we didn’t pay much attention to at the time. You might remember

certain traditions and holidays in your family. You might remember how you first learned to wrap packages before Christmas or how you learned to ice a cake. You might remember certain foods that still to this day comfort you when you are sick, cold, or depressed. For fun, can you come up with a “comfort food” when you were growing up that made you feel better? I remember that every time I was sick my mother would make “creamed potatoes”--what most people would call potato soup. One time when the whole

family was sick, a neighbor made “creamed potatoes” for us, but it didn’t taste like Mom’s. She had cooked it without onions and salt, and I said, “These creamed potatoes are no good. They taste musty!” You can probably think of some of these comfort foods

also. Maybe it was Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, for example, You might remember how you learned to cook, sew, or work on a car.

Today, think of some things your Mother taught you, Let us take time out to remember and appreciate the value of these experiences in our life today.

SCRIPTURE: How does this relate to our Scriptue today? The New Testament character, Timothy was influenced very early in his life by his Mother, Eunice, and his Grandmother, Lois. You might say, “So?” “What is so different about that?”

1. God Can Work in Imperfect Families: In my research I came up with some information that makes it significant. Timothy’s Mother is an encouragement

for evry woman faced with the tremendous task of building and nurturing the spiritual life

of her children. Timothy was fortunate to have had the spiritual heritage from both his Mother, and Grandmother. It was not easy for these two women to consistently follow the faith because they did not have the support of their husbands. Neither Eunice’s father nor her husband observed Judaism. In spite of that, Eunice was praised for her genuine faith which she shared with her Mother, Lois, and on to her son, Timothy. More than anyone else, her faith equipped him for a lifetime service to God. Although she did not have the support from strong male figures, yet she had two things going for her--the love

of a mother for her son and the power of God in her life. Because of her consistency, Timothy became a traveling teacher, recipient of two books of the New Testament, and tradition says he became bishop of Ephesus.

Timothy’s Mother could have easily said, “It’s not my job to instill spiritual values.

His father should be taking the leadership in this.” It would have been easier to let this slide and to let Timothy grow up without this part of his life being colored in. How often is this happening today? Parents do not feel the reponsibility to take or to send their children to Sunday school. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go

and when he is old he will not depart from it.” There may be be a long period of departure from the faith for some. I believe we can claim this scripture for our families that one day the Holy Spirit will draw them back to their spiritual roots. Timothy’s Mother could have said, “I don’t want to force religion on him. Let him choose when he grows up.” We

have seen too often that people who do not have a spiritual background continue to go through life without changing because they have developed a pattern of life without God. We have seen too often that people who do not have a spiritual background continue to go through life without changing because they have developed a pattern of life without God. We know it was not easy for Timothy’s Mother to consistently teach spiritual values but she did it. Paul called it a “sincere” or “genuine” faith. In spite of any lacks within the family, a “genuine” faith was taking root. Paul said in verse 5, “I am persuaded that this

faith now lives in you.” Today many families also do not have two parents who are teaching their children spiritual values and some do not have even one parent doing it. We

must realize that most people don’t live in “ideal, perfect families, but God will honor the faith and consistency of anyone who makes the effort to impart spiritual truth--mothers, fathers, grandparents, mentors... Do not worry about whether your family is perfect or the way it “should” or “ought” to be. Start where you are. Do what you can. Just as

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