Summary: God uses the lowly to teach us the best lessons on grace

SN121601 Lessons from Inn-keepers:

Bible: Survey


Let’s all quote the two most famous words from the birth narrative we remember the innkeeper saying, “No room”

Innkeepers in the Bible had bad reputations, e.g. hucksters. Innkeepers (persona non grata) were low on the social ladder. However, hospitality is big on God’s list! Hospitality is a must for church leaders!

Burden of the message:

God used the lowly to teach us the best lessons on grace.

Basic Truth:

You can make a difference in someone’s life if you are willing.

Burning Question:

How can I join the Innkeepers this Christmas and make a difference?

Relieve someone’s pain Luke 10:30

the story of the Good Samaritan

(Include the Jewish Inn-keeper) Oil and wine

Real faith does not turn it’s head away from pain and misery

You can’t help a man uphill without getting closer to the top yourself.

Sign posted in a customer service department: Suppose we refund your money, send you another one without charge, close the store, and have the manager shot. Would THAT make you feel better?!

Find a way to make a difference.

Visit a nursing home, work one day at The local soup kitchen -- Be willing to have your schedule compromised


Innkeepers are especially interested in a category of people and hold nothing back from helping.

Find a way to help those in the battle for the Lord

Joshua 2 Rahab the prostitute

Rahab helped the spies.

People in the battle get hurt. Lets find ways to help them


Together, nine physically handicapped persons conquered Mount Rainier. One of the mountain climbers had an artificial leg. Another was an epileptic. Two were deaf, and five were blind. Despite these handicaps, the nine successfully negotiated the 14,000 foot climb and got back down again. Asked how they managed to perform this amazing feat, one of the blind members of the party said simply, "We had a lot of help from each other on the trip."

Call some one who helped you in the past and thank them.

Call the church office and ask for a discouraged saint and make a visit. Develop a relationship with a single parent.


Inn-keepers live with a secret internal peace.

Keep focused on what is really important Luke 22

The upper room host Jesus took care of the details.

The Disciples shared the last supper.

Don’t get lost in the details of the celebration


Mary and Martha both served the Lord.

Mary choose the best way

Make sure you have time to show love. Carpe Deum


Inn-keepers are almost impossible to discourage because .

Plan on love finding a way Luke 2:7.

The Nativity Inn-keeper

Everything was full except the stable. Love found a way


“Houston we have a problem” God specializes in the impossible

We were lost spiritually and love found a way on Calvary

You may think life is impossible, but love will find a way.

Expect to be surprised.

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