Summary: Does Satan have complete access to try believers? Does God place a hedge around His children? What can we learn from suffering? If you have wondered any of these questions, join us as we study the life of Job to see how the Bible answers them and more.



Today, I’d like to put your bad day experiences in the right perspective… Imagine with me if your will, Job living in the 21st century, in our day and time. Job a modern day business person, - his business is doing better than most, he has a lovely family, they all get along with one another. Though they sometimes have differences of opinions and sometimes disappoint one another, they know how to forgive and forget. As an independent business man /entrepreneur, Job is respected in his field of work and is seen as a pillar in the community. Job attends church regularly and is an active participant. As a matter of fact, his ten children were active missionaries to Honduras.. Get the Picture?

So let’s listen in on Job’s conversation as he relaxes on the patio after a delightful afternoon with Mrs. Job. His Iphone buzzes relentlessly, his Facebook messengers goes off violently, his Facetime is flashing for an urgent video conference and the house phone is chiming extremely loud throughout the house… I can hear Job saying to himself “Lord, don’t these people know that it’s the weekend.” Lazily Job grabs the Iphone, because it’s near by…. And from that point on, Job’s life will never be the same…………

Iphone text message from V.P. of Operations:

 “Our largest customer has just merged with our major competitor…. Hold On, I’m not done yet! And all competing contracts have been canceled as of Monday.”

Facetime message Message from V.P. of Finance:

 “The bank just called and has put a freeze on all our assets…… Hold On, I’m not done yet! And Job they’re calling in all outstanding accounts immediately.”

House Phone Message V.P. of Sales:

 “Our second largest customer just phoned in and canceled all future orders……Hold On, I’m not done yet!.. and Job, they looking to return all excess inventory.

Door Bell Rings, the Chief of Police, Job’s long time friend:

 “Job, you did allow the local Missions Team to use your corporate jet to fly to Honduras….Job, I’m sorry to report but the jet crashed about an hour ago….. Hold On, I’m not done yet!!!.. There are no survivors…

Job, is in shock, he’s devastated and in total disbelief. . But he goes to his study, falls on his knees, and begins to pray to God, the source of his strength.. Repeating the his prayer over and over.. knowing that God will see him through this day…. (Illustration adapted from

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