Summary: Joe was on the go for God because he was a humble servant leader filled with the spirit of God. He was on the go because he was dispenser of grace and a forgiving individual.

Lessons from Joe pt 4

Summary of previous messages:

1. Joe goes from being a privileged spoiled brat to slave.

2. Joe goes from slave to prison for doing the right thing.

3. Joe serves others in prison and he’s forgotten by others but not God.

4. Joe goes from prison to Prime Minister of Egypt.


Bumper sticker – Make God laugh tell him your future plans!

Thesis: Joe was on the go for God because he was a humble servant leader filled with the spirit of God. He was on the go because he was dispenser of grace and a forgiving individual.

Overcoming success:

Years ago, Erwin Lutzer wrote a very helpful little book titled Failure: The Back Door To Success, it could have been written about Joseph. Many times, it takes years of failures and setbacks to become an “overnight success.”

Abraham Lincoln is a classic example. He had two failed businesses, one nervous breakdown, endured the death of a sweetheart, and was defeated for public office no less than ten times over the space of 30 years. Then, incredibly, he was elected President of the United States. Years of failure had equipped him to deal with the heady air of the heights of power.

Those repeated reversals, apparent failures, and personal tragedies did not defeat Lincoln. They strengthened his character and commitment. So it was with Joseph.

So here we find or hero a man who experienced setbacks and more setbacks but the key was his defeats equipped him and developed him into a man who could handle success. We should never look at setbacks as failure but as a backdoor to success. In reality a person who has gone through the process of loss and recovery is more able to handle the successes in life.

Here is a modern day scenario of a Joseph -

Opening Video Illustration: Joseph is promoted from Blue Fish Tv

Scriptures: Genesis chapters 41-50 (select verses)

I. Genesis 41:14: “So Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was quickly brought from the dungeon. When he had shaved and changed his clothes, he came before Pharaoh.”

a. Joe receives his divine opportunity from the head leader to interpret a dream.

i. He takes it serious and cleans up. Egyptians were clean shaven and Joe knew he needed to look desirable and clean to be received.

1. He adapts to their culture and uses it to his benefit.

2. We know that Joseph learned their culture because he also used their cultural beliefs when he goes to pharaoh for land for his family in Goshen.

a. He knew they did not like shepherds or herdsmen work.

i. Genesis 46:31-47:6

ii. He knew that they would not be a threat to Pharaoh or other Egyptians because of their type of work.

iii. Joseph learned their culture and it paid off in dividends for his family.

iv. Joseph was also wise enough to know the importance of others cultural beliefs.

b. Joseph was teachable and this helped to make him a success.

i. It’s important to remember that as you stay teachable you also become a teacher to others.

ii. Quote from Maxwell “When you are through learning you are through.” But a good teacher is one who is always a student.

T.S. – Those who remain teachable through life’s trials and tribulations will be the ones who succeed in their life.

II. Genesis 41:16: ““I cannot do it,” Joseph replied to Pharaoh, “but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires.”

a. Joe in interpreting the dreams displays the heart of humility.

i. “I cannot but God can!” (verse 16) He knew that to do something like this he would need to tap the resources of God. Joseph told us earlier that God is the one who interprets and gives dreams and visions to people.

1. Andrew Murray said, “We can never have more faith than we have humility.” He continues, “As long as we take glory from another, we do not seek and cannot receive the glory that comes from God.”

2. Murray states, “We need only think for a moment what faith is. Is not the confession of nothingness and helplessness, the surrender and the waiting to let God work? Is it not in itself the most humbling thing there can be-the acceptance of our place as dependents, who can claim or get or do nothing but what grace bestows? Humility is simply the disposition which prepares the soul for living on trust. And every, even the most secret, breathing of pride-in self seeking, self-will, self confidence, or self-exultation-is just the strengthening of that self which cannot enter the kingdom or possess the things of the kingdom, because it refuses to allow God to be what He is and must be-the all in all” (46).

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