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Summary: After 3 1/2 years they are back at the same fishing hole and with the same results.

Simple Truths from Peter’s Fishing Adventures

Luke 5:1-11

John 21:1-14

We have almost identical details in these two passages. Both events take place on the Sea of Galilee or called the Sea of Tiberias or the lake of Gennesaret (these different names describe the same place but called by different names due to the cities that surround this body of water). Both stories have some of the same characters involved. Both events involve the same occupation. Both record the same failure.

However, there is time difference of about 3 1/2 years. In Luke 5 Peter, James, and John were on the shore washing their nets after fishing all night and catching nothing. The Lord appears and borrows their boat as a platform to preach from, and after He is finished He commands Peter to launch out into the deep for a haul of fishes. After doing so we find in verse 10,11 a call to be fishers of men.

Three and one-half years later we find some of the same men on the same sea doing the same thing and having the same results as before. If one is not careful, you might make the mistake of making the two narratives the same because of their similarities. However, the main difference among other things is the TIME element.

Luke 5 took place at the beginning of the Lord’s earthly ministry while John 21 took place after His resurrection some 3 1/2 years later.

NOW LISTEN CLOSELY CAUSE HERE IS THE THOUGHT I WANT TO EXPOUND UPON. After 3 1/2 years some of the disciples of the Lord were back where they had started from.

For three and 1/2 years these men had heard Jesus teach, seen His miracles, observed His life, and witnessed the Father’s verbal approval of the Son on the mount of transfiguration. Isn’t it strange that they are found 3 1/2 years later back at fishing, and that after 3 1/2 years of input from Jesus. They are right back where they started.

After 3 1/2 years they are back at the same fishing hole and with the same results.

Let me share with you some reflections about these two events.

I. There is no experience sufficient enough to protect one against backsliding.

Think of the experiences James, John, and Peter had. They had behold the glory of the Son of God on the mount of transfiguration. They heard a voice from heaven that declared that this was the beloved Son.

They had seen the risen Christ in the upper room, and yet here they are right where they started.

See Luke 8:49-56.

You can forget having an experience so large that will enable you to never have to fight the temptation to backslide.

Consider Elijah.

Consider David who had slain a giant and had experienced over and over again God’s protection from Saul. And still later we find him committing adultery with Bathsheba and plotting to murder Uriah.

II. There is no exposure that can prevent one from backsliding.

Peter was around the Lord for 3 1/2 years, and yet he returned back to fishing. He was exposed to the greatest teacher, greatest preacher, greatest example, and the greatest miracle worker who ever lived; yet, he denied the Lord and went back to fishing.

Now I believe that you ought to be around good, godly people, but exposure alone is not sufficient to protect you from backsliding.

Judas was exposed to the greatest man who ever walked on the earth, and yet he went to hell.

Demas was exposed to Paul, the greatest Christian this world has ever known, and yet he was guilty of backsliding. John Mark traveled with two of the greatest missionaries this world has ever seen, and yet he forsook them on their missionary journey.

This world is full of people who have been exposed to that which is right, and yet they are not doing right.

Some might say, if Paul were my pastor, I would be spiritual. Let me remind you that Paul founded the church at Corinth and was its pastor for some time, and yet he writes back to them and calls them carnal.

Exposure to truth is not sufficient to make one what they ought to be.

III. There is no example that is not powerful

when it comes to backsliding.

The devil can take any wrong deed or act and employ it to cause other to backslide. The devil can take even an innocent thing as fishing and use it to get people to backslide.

We are all casting shadows.

In our text when Peter said, “I go a fishing,” others said “we also go with thee.” When Peter went fishing, he took six other men with him.

You never backslide alone. You always take someone with you. Everyone effects others in word or deed.

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