Summary: Three Prayers Given at Gadara

Sun. June 6/93 Mk 5:1-20


- Life’s tragic wrecks.

- The most tragic wreck of all is the wreck of the human soul

- Mk. 8:36 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his own soul

- the soul the only thing that I have that will last forever

- The story from Mk. 5

- Sp. dead man in tormemt

- We can live separt from God, have every thing we ever want or need yet still serve the devil

- Our conscience acts as salt in a wound

- As a whip to our rebellious back

- v.7 Like this man we cry out

"what have I to do with you Jesus

----- Torment me not"

- The working says "I’m too busy for Christ"

- The wealthy says "Religion is for the poor"

- The siffistcated says "Christ is for the


- The radical says " The gospel isn’t

revolutionary enough".

- Others say "I Can’t understand it"

- Whether we like it or not we all will someday have to stand before Christ

- This man was full of sin

- v.9 He asked what is your name --- ( My name

is Legion for we are many)

- There are many demons that can occupy our hearts --- The demon of anger

--- " " " Lying

--- " " " strong drink

--- " " " impure thoughts

--- " " " selfisness

--- " " " lust

- Yeilding to temptation becomes easier & easier

- v.8 Jesus calls -- The same voice he used to calm the storm

-- At once there is a change

-- Muscles relaxed

-- Wild look gone

-- Peace within


1. From the demons

- v.10 - 12

- They did not want to go to hell

- Hell must be awful

Ps. 11:6 - Horrible storm

Ps. 18:5 - a place of sorrows

Mt. 8:12 - a place of torment

- a place of outer darkness

Mt. 13:42 - a place of weeping

Re. 20:15 - called the Lake Of Fire

- What ever it means it is seperation from God

2. From The People

- v. 14 -17

- Leave us alone

- Go somewhere else

- We don’t need you here

- You are spoiling our profit for living and pleasure

- Jesus came to bring healing & salvation

- More interested in money and material things

- If Jesus comes there will be a revolution

- We don’t want to be desturbered

- We can take violence on tv but don’t talk about the blood of Christ

- I’m comfortable as I am

-- no need to talk about sin

- Give me religion but not Christ

- A person who doesn’t want Christ is like a drowning person who throws away a life belt

- Like being poisoned and not wanting the antidote

- We are afraid to come to Christ becuse of what we might have to give up.

- Ps 106:15 "He gave them their request: but sent leanness into their soul

- Mabe our prayers have been answered for a

job, car, home but your soul is lean toward him.

- Is Christ disturbing you don’t send Him away invite Him in

3. From The Healed Man

- v.18 - 20

- He wanted to be with Christ, to follow Him,

to stay with him

- 1st we have a job to do

-- To tell others What Christ can do

- Christ can do what we never expected

- This man had 3 things v. 15




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