Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Letting go of things that hinder us from following Christ.

Let Go

Intro: they forsook all and followed him

1: Follow

a) go after

b) obey

c) following implies action

Point: Peter, James and John had been associated with Jesus but not fully committed to the ministry. They were acquainted, you could say but they had not fully submitted to the Lord’s will for their lives.

2: 3 calls

a) 1st call John 1:35-42

b) 2nd call Matt 4:18-22

c) 3rd and final call Luke 5:1-11

d) how do you know this?

Point: he is still Simon, and James and John are still fishing; only after the great catch do they follow Jesus full time. V 11 they forsook all and followed him. They had seen some things and they had heard some things, but until this point they had not let go of their current situation or their current circumstances. They were still fishing.

Body: Forsook (grk) aphiemi- to let go

1: start at the beginning Luke 5:1

a) people pressed upon him

b) to hear the word of God

c) he was at the lake

Point: so much of the Lord’s ministry was centered around the Lake of Gennesaret or sea of Galilee or Lake Tiberius all the same body of water.

2: V 2

a) two ships with no fishermen in them

b) washing their nets

c) any profession no matter what it is requires preparation

d) fishermen relied on nets to catch fish

Point: carpenter’s get called to do a job, they look and calculate how much lumber and material for the job, and mechanics diagnoses the problem and figure the parts and labor for the fix. These fishermen mended their nets washed and inspected them for tears and holes where the fish might escape.

Potential- possibility of doing or becoming something

3: Launch out

a) what he told Simon Peter

b) How many Christians have felt the Holy Spirit say that to you?

c) Let’s go, it’s time, what have you got to lose?

d) Jesus is the potential in each of us as believers

e) Jesus is the possibility, he made it possible

Point: launch out into the deep, Christian take off the arm floaters, step away from the kiddy pool, some of us have been in the deep before but we went on our own, Simon Peter had been there plenty of times, but today he would have Jesus in his boat!!!

What a difference the Lord made!!!

Conclusion: Let down your nets for a draught.

1: Let’s see what we can catch

a) Master we have toiled all the night

b) sounds like me sometimes

c) I know I should read my Bible

d) I know I should be praying for my friends and family

e) I know I should go to church

Point: they had been fishing all night, didn’t catch a thing, but we go to church all the time, if I go on Sunday morning I shouldn’t have to be here on Wednesday night, nothing ever happens anyways. We get tired and burn out a lot of times because we put too much of ourselves into what we’re doing instead of allowing Christ to fill us and fill our activities and undertakings in the church. It’s too much us and not enough Jesus…

2: Nets brake

a) nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net

b) he didn’t think they would catch anything

c) this is a good illustration of how we are at times in our lives

d) the Lord has been calling us for sometime and we’re not sure

e) we have little faith, we still trust more in ourselves than we do in the Lord

f) sometimes Jesus has to brake our nets to get our attention

Point: these men were satisfied with being fishermen and having a friendship with Jesus, they enjoyed his teaching, his fellowship, and his guidance but they still had their own lives. They still have their nets and boats and special spots on the lake to fish. Jesus broke the nets to break the barrier of their faith.

Look at yourself.

V 8 Simon Peter says depart from me; for I am a sinful man o Lord. V9 for he was astonished and all that were with him, at the draught of fishes which they had taken.

a) he fell down at the Lord’s knees

b) when is the last time you and I fell down at the Savior’s feet

c) how often does unbelief affect our walk with Christ

d) has Jesus astonished you lately

Let go

Past hurts and hang-ups

Excuses and reasons why you can’t

Fear and insecurity

They forsook all and followed him, they were still fishermen but they were fishing for a different kind of fish, in a way that they had never fished before…

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