Summary: "JESUS is ENOUGH!!" The first 2 chapters in Colossians hit hard the truth, now that we know this truth - HOW - should it effect our lives. This is what we’ll be doing the next 4 weeks... (Jesus is Enough - Part 4)

Jesus Is Enough - Part 4

"Therefore, LET GO Of the WORLD"

Colossians 3:1-11

Okay, here we go....This is week four in our study of the book of Colossians, a study we are calling; "Jesus is enough." Remember, Paul wrote this letter to the church in Colosse because false teachers had come into the church, and were saying, that Jesus is not enough - they were telling the people that they needed more than Jesus.... Just as does, so many cults, false religions and our society today...

Well, after 3 weeks I hope that God’s word has convinced you that Jesus is enough. [Repeat after me; "Jesus --- is enough"]

In week one we talked about how His Grace is Enough....

His grace is enough to: Free us from our sins

Rescue us from danger

Brush away our tears

Reconcile us to God

Cloth us with Christ

Remove our guilt

Take us to heaven

In week two; we said that Jesus’ Lordship is enough and because he is k of k - and l of l - that He‘s Got it covered.. God’s word taught us in week 2 - that;

Jesus is Savior >>> He’s got our salvation covered

Jesus is Creator >>> He ‘s got our life covered

Jesus is the Church >>> He’s got Central covered

Jesus is God >>> He’s got everything covered...

And Last Week; we talked about how Jesus’ Word is enough - how we don’t need anyone to give us any ‘other’ stuff about God, we got it all right in here....The bible is the FULL and FINAL revelation of God. And we also said that we need to be growing in the word, because it will help us unmask the serpent and not be fooled by false prophets...(and their are literally billions who have been fooled)

Okay, Do you remember that I said at the start of this study, that most times in Paul’s letters he starts off doing some teaching and then he finishes up - by saying okay - now that you know this teaching here is what you need to do with it.... After all, it does little good for Christians to declare and defend the truth, if they fail to demonstrate that truth in their day to day lives.

Listen; There are some Christians who can defend the truth at a moments notice -- but by their personal lives (their actions and attitudes) deny the very doctrines that they profess to love so dearly. They are like the people Paul wrote to Titus in 1:16,

"They claim to know God, But by their actions they deny Him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good."

Now, we need to keep in mind during our study today, that the pagan religions of Paul’s day said little or nothing about personal morality. You see, In Paganism a worshiper could bow before an idol, put his offering on the altar, and then go back and live the same old life of sin. You see, to them, what a person believed had no direct relationship to their behavior.

The Colossian Church was made up of mostly gentiles, men and women who would have been accustomed to this type of religion and worship -- and they needed to know -- that Christianity was not like paganism. They needed to be reminded as do many in the Church today, that in Christianity there is a very definite connection between what we believe and how we are to behave!

Listen; We cannot profess to believe in Jesus Christ and in His Word, and yet still live any way we please. And if our behavior doesn’t match what we claim to believe then our belief really isn’t even worth a plug nickel -- and we are just like the ones that Jesus so harshly condemned, HYPOCRITES!!. PRETENDERS...

When the prodigal son of Luke 15 came home to the father -- he had to leave the pig pens far behind, and so do we. After all, to be a Christian means that we have become united in fellowship with Jesus Christ -- and if we are to share in his life we must follow in His footsteps.

Okay here is the bottom line; If we don’t want our religion to tell us what to do and how to live -- we better choose something other then Christianity -- but if we want to be a Christian, we need to listen to & obey God’s word.

"JESUS is ENOUGH!!" The first 2 chapters in Colossians hit hard the truth, now that we know this truth - HOW - should it effect our lives. This is what we’ll be doing the next 4 weeks...

Today message is called --- Jesus is enough -- "therefore let go of the world..."

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