Summary: Jesus promised to build His church not out of brick and mortar but out of flesh and blood. He builds HIs using living stones. What tools does Jesus use in order to build His Church. Are we helping or hindering the master builder. Find out inside.

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Intro: Jesus promised to build His church. Matthew 16:13-18 He made it clear that He would build His church. He builds it on the confession that He is Lord.

But what type of building is He building and what type of materials is He using?

Jesus is building a spiritual temple and a holy temple.

A spiritual temple because we are the place where the Holy Spirit lives. We no longer make animal sacrifices we are to make sacrifices of prayer, praise and service.

A holy temple because we are cut from the quarry of sin to be holy and separated for Jesus and His service. There is positional holiness. This is given to us by God when we confess Jesus as Lord in response to His drawing. There is practical holiness. This is where we put off the old man and put on the new in a character of life empowered by the Holy Spirit living within us.

This temple is spiritual house and holy priesthood. There is what we call the priesthood of all believers. You don’t need a priest in robes to go before God for you! We have all been given access to the presence of God.

The purpose of the temple, house, holy priesthood is to offer 1 Peter 2:5 spiritual sacrifices to God!

The best proof of the gospel and the goodness of God is still a life set apart and devoted to Jesus. How appropriate this encouragement from Peter is. He wrote to Christians that were emotionally drained and drained by the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and disruption of the social norm. Peter encourages them and us to continue coming to Jesus to be built into the spiritual temple and household of God.

What are the methods that Jesus uses to build His church with living stones?

I. Jesus uses submission to build His church

Peter is writing to Christians that are being persecuted in the time of Nero. He calls them to submission. (Chapter 2 Submission

There is an ongoing shaping of who we are to be like Jesus. “you also as living stones are being built.”

A) Submit to the truth about yourself

1) Sinner

2) Saint

3) Living stone – It is not about you anymore. Living stones are placed in the temple and community of believers. 1 Peter 2:5

B) Submit to the truth of who Jesus is

Unless we come to Jesus as the living stone we will not become living stones, a spiritual house or a holy priesthood. To become a living stone we submit to Him as savior. He takes lifeless dirt and makes it a living stone.

He is not just the savior He is Lord. 1 Peter 2:4 “coming to Him a living stone.” There is a call to continually come to Jesus. To continually submit to His Lordship.

C) Submit to one another in order to honor Jesus

Why do we need to submit to Jesus and each other in love? Because submission strangles pride. Pride is the chief enemy of Christlikeness and humility.

Jesus calls us to be servants. Jesus doesn’t call us into the church body called Immanuel so that we can be served by the pastors, deacons or members of the church. He calls us to submit to His will and His work as servants of His kingdom.

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