Summary: There is a high cost to low living. Temptation brings out the best or should I say the worst in us all. Let’s see why!


When the subject of temptation comes up, what do you think of or about? Embesselment, proposition, the unknown? If the truth be known temptation has no boundries and many faces and all of us at one time or another will be tempted in some way!

For this reason James offers counsel to every Christian. One thing he reveals to us all is, God will never use temptation to see what we will do. He already knows.

Temptation brings out the best and the worst in us all. Let’s take a closer examination of this together!

Main Division

I.The Presence Of Temptation (12-13a)

a. the first Adam was tempted (Ge 3:1-6)

b. the second Adam was tempted (Matt 4:1-3)

II. The Prompting Of Temptation (13b)

a. the suggestion of (Ge 3:1)

b. the succumbing to (Jas 1:16)

III. The Power Of Temptation (14)

a. the bond it creates (Jas 1:15a)

b. the blunder it causes (Jas 1:2)

IV. The Pattern Of Temptation (15-18)

a. the look (Jas 1:14a)

b. the lure (Jas 1:14b)

Conclusion: Tempted? It’s not how but when!

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