Summary: Do what Jesus commanded and go be fishers of men. Get out of the boat (the church) and reach the lost for Christ.

Let’s Go Fishing

Luke 5:1-10

Parkersburg Baptist Church

October 17, 2004

--Retell the story in own words

I. How did Peter Catch the fish?

A. Vv 4-5 Peter went where he was told

1. Lord we’ve toiled all night and caught nothing. But he went out anyway.

2. Why don’t we as Christians even though we have worked all day—Go anyway?

(a) Why don’t we put our own selfishness aside? Why don’t we put someone else first for a change? Someone like Jesus?

B. He did what Jesus told him to

1. Peter told Jesus Christ that at His word they would drop the net and they did.

2. What happened? They caught so many fish that he had to call for another boat to come and help.

3. They caught so many fish that the net was starting to break.

4. They caught so many fish that once they got them into both boats the boats started to sink.

5. There is something that we need to keep in mind—All fish can’t be caught from the shore. You can catch a few fish from the shore, but go out into the deep water and you can catch a multitude of fish.

Ever been down to the piers and see the people fishing. They can catch a few fish from the pier. A cooler or two full sometimes. But ever been down there and see the ships out in the deep water of the ocean.

They may be pulling their nets to catch the fish. They can catch a lot more fish out in the deep than they could near the shore.

Liken shore to the church and the deep water to the community that is around us. Now let’s pretend the fish are men.

You can catch a few men on the shore (seats) of the church. But you can catch a multitude out in the deep water of the community.

You have to go where the people are. They don’t come to us anymore of their own accord. The church doesn’t have if I may use this expression this morning the “bait” to draw them in.

You the fishermen and fisherwomen have the bait to go to them like the boats with the nets. You have to take the initiative to go where they are.

Many of you have children that are involved in many activities. I bet there are other parents around you at those activities that you have developed relationships with.

I bet you know if they go to church or not. Even if you haven’t asked them if they go, I bet you can tell. You know, I bet with a little bait, you could get them to come to Parkersburg Baptist Church.

You have the perfect bait if you will only use it.

Do you want to know what that bait is this morning? That bait is your testimony of what Jesus Christ has done for you!

II. Why is it So hard for Churches to catch men?

A. There are too many in the church that are not willing to go fishing. There are many reasons for this:

1. It may be that some are just plain lazy.

2. Some don’t think that it is there job no matter what the Great Commission Says

3. Some are truly not able to go out, but they could use the phone or send a card of encouragement and invite someone to church

4. Some may be like Peter—Luke 5:8-9. He was trapped in a FAITHLESS mindset and in the presence of Christ he was oppressed with guilt and shame.

5. Some may have a wrong perception of their own personal value to God.

6. But there is good news. You don’t have to wade on the shore of guilt, shame, and doubt. You don’t have to wade on the shore of self-pity or self-loathing. You don’t have to do these things when you have Christ.

7. Folks, Jesus can use a broken life—just look at verse ten of the text and see what he says to Peter, James, and John.

III. In Closing today—Jesus has a Word for everybody here

A. Jesus’ Word for you today is “Launch”

B. Launch out in the Strength of Christ

C. Launch out into the Deep Relying upon God.

D. Launch into a Deeper Relationship with Jesus Christ

E. Launch into a Deeper Faith Commitment with Jesus Christ

F. Launch into a Deeper Faith Maturity

1. How can I do all these things preacher. Let’s see what the Bible says about these things.

(a) “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” (Hebrews 12:1 NIV)

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