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Summary: This simple and touching story gives us several important insights into the blessings of God flowing into our lives.

"Let The Blessings Flow"

2 Kings 4:1-7

God wants to pour His blessings into our lives. This passage teaches us four principles of how we can receive His blessings:

1. We must be aware of our need. (1)

She was about to lose her two sons to a creditor.

A desperate need = "If God does not intervene all will be lost."

A legitimate need = Not something to lavish upon our selfish wants or to impress others with our spirituality.

An urgent need = time was about to run out.

These are the kind of needs that the Lord loves to meet.

2. We must be aware of God’s will for the situation. (2-4)

God’s will for this widow was revealed through the prophet Elisha.

Sometimes God may speak into our lives through another person.

But He will always speak to our situation through His Word if it is a legitimate need.

God often starts with the "little" that we have to begin His miracle (Matthew 14:17-21).

3. We must show our faith through active obedience. (5,6)

She did exactly what she was told to the smallest detail.

Unlike Naaman (2 Kings 5:1-15). His was the miracle that almost wasn’t because he was too proud to obey the Word of the Lord.

True faith is always expressed through obedience to God’s Word.

No obedience no blessing, no faith no miracle.

She was blessed until there were no more empty vessels.

4. We must not limit the blessing of God. (7)

Our blessing may be limited by our capacity to receive.

See: 13:14-19 about Joash for an example of this self-imposed limitation principle.

God didn’t just meet her imediate need He met her long-term need.

God is good and He desires to bless His people abundantly.

Let’s not limit what He desires to do in our lives.

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