Summary: It is of great relief if we come to God’s presence for strength and encouragement and joy: PRAYER


2Thessalonians 1:11-12

San Raphael, Prieto Diaz


October 29, 2005


Christian life is not a “bed of roses.” We are not exempted from troubles and trials in our journey, as Christian.

1. People

2. Health

3. Circumstances

Always remember that every problem has passed through the hand of a loving Father and carries with it before it arrive, an intrinsic purpose: to bring us to the end of our own resources and into the deep experience of all His riches.

Take note that Paul did not ask God for the testing to cease or for relief from the pressure.

It is of great relief if we come to God’s presence for strength and encouragement and joy: PRAYER

PRAYER: An Invaluable Discipline

1. What is Prayer?

• Making deliberate contact with God

1. outpouring of praise

2. confession of wrong

3. request for help

4. declaration of need

5. statement of thanks

6. intercession for others

• Through prayer, we draw near to God

• Prayer is the discipline of mind. We are urged to pray without ceasing – it means an attitude of prayer ( 1Thes. 5:17)

2. Why Is Prayer Important?

• First, prayer is important because it refocuses our perspective. In prayer, God show us the hidden dimensions of life

• Second, it quiets our fears.

• Third, it transfer our burdens (Matt.11;28-29)

• Fourth, it upholds others who are in needs.


In this letter of Paul, he expressed:

1. thanksgiving for their faith (v.3)

2. affirmed them of their perseverance (v.4)

3. reassured them of God’s justice (5-9)

4. encouraged them in the hope of the Lord’s coming (v.10)

Now, here in verses 11-12 he prayed for them; he intercedes for them. What are those? Here we will see the consistency of the prayer life of Paul. These should be our concern; our prayers to God, for ourselves and to others as well.

Read verse 11

Note: “always”

Worthy of the calling

• Instead of asking to remove problems/hardships, pray that God will make us the kind of children He want us to be.

• Calling here is meant, the ultimate glory itself. This is indeed of God, and not of men.

• The missionaries were praying that, by the sanctifying work of God through the Word and the Spirit and even through their trials, they would live in a manner that was consistent with their holy calling. This calling includes God’s purpose for us here on earth and the believer’s ultimate place in glory.

• However, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to think of our sufferings and of that of our brethren. It just that we have to trust God.

• Note: we are not worthy; we possess no righteousness of our own. But God counts us with righteousness because we come to him by faith.

Read verse 11b

To fulfill all goodness

• To bring us an intentions to do good (Gal. 6:9)

• Pray that all good intentions of God will be fulfilled

1. finishing the work of grace upon their soul and

2. the enjoyment of heavenly glory

3. abundant mercies

The work of faith fulfill with power

• Let us ask God to strengthen our faith in Him.

Note: this is not about our own “faith” but faith that comes from God.

God gives a promise, but we cannot immediately see its actuality, for “faith

Is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”

(Hebrew 11: 1).

• Ask God that our faith reach fruition in a harvest of good works (see Eph.2:10; 1Thes. 1:3), no matter how difficult the circumstances maybe. It is in this process that builds faith into us as God’s people and, in the end, makes our lives truly abundant in the midst of pain and sufferings.

• May God enable us to demonstrate the reality of our faith into action.

1. We want relief; God wants deepening of character.

2. We want to say it’s over ; God wants to say that the testing did its full work.

3. We want out; God want to see us through.

Read verse 12

Jesus Christ glorified in us and we in HIm

• Let us pray that we fully live out of our faith in the midst of all circumstances so that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in us.

1. Christ’s reputation is directly impacted by how we, as believers, live.

2. We either exult Him or mock Him through our choices and conduct.

• To glorify His name means demonstrating to the world what the person and work of Christ is like so that He comes to be held in great honor and esteem because of who He is and all He has accomplished and will accomplish.

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Made Astika

commented on Sep 11, 2006

Sometimes we pray for what we desire, not what we need exacly. Our prayer is according our desire. That why God silent. Pray for what you need and see how God will provide all you needs. God bless you.

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