Summary: God is faithful to forgive us but we have a tough time forgiving ourselves. This lesson will set you free.

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The Ultimate Decision

August 21, 2014

One evening I had the chance to meet with a man who was special forces in Vietnam. I was sharing the gospel with him and when I was done he looked at me and said , Not Me. I asked him politely why and he said, “ I have done the unforgivable”. In his special forces unit most of his kills were done without a gun to prevent anyone hearing them. They would extract and then go back into the jungle.

This morning I received an e mail that said, “Your Past Has Caught Up With You Look At Your File”. Of course it was Spam but for a moment my stomach was in my throat. That is because I do have a past which most of you know if you have read my book. So now there is good news and bad news. I like to always get the bad news out first because no matter what great news someone tells me I always focus on the bad!!

The bad news is that Satan who is the deliverer of ALL lies and past sins will bring things up to us to TRY to make God’s Grace either not believable or that we have been too bad to ever warrant God’s grace. If that is so look at not just some of the men in the Bible but the great men of faith in the Bible.

Moses and David committed murder. David; murder and adultery. Abraham did not keep God’s promise and not only did he sleep with his wives servant but now because of that he did we have the world of Islam. So there is NOTHING you can do to outrun the grace of God. I say outrun because most of us do. Because of our past lies and deceit we are afraid of God’s love so we run from Him. The devil is incredible with his deceitfulness. When we should be running to God the devil deceives us into thinking that love will hurt us in the end. Get close and get hurt. Part of that is true but only our love with others. We love others and we can expect to get hurt either with words, actions or death. We lose the ones we love.

In this life we try to equate all our problems with man and then transfer them to God. TODAY I will pray for all of us that we can stop this and allow God to be God. So what does this mean?

God never dies so we can love Him and not be afraid He will never leave us. Hebrews 13:5

God has grace abundant for YOU - 2 Corinthians 12:9

I will stop with these two as I could go on for pages but let us try to grasp two things. God will NEVER leave you even after death and NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE God will forgive you when you come to Him with a repentant heart. When I say not to view God as man when we sin against someone and they forgive us they probably do not forget and they still may not be close to us again. But not God. Psalm 103:12

The pain you feel because of your and my past sins is still partly due to the scars that have been left. That is not God’s fault, that is ours. In some cases we will have consequences to our sin and the sin of others against us. While we cannot prevent some of the scars we can stop the hand we have held up to accept God’s Grace and love. Why is our hand up? Because we have put up a wall so we won’t get hurt again. The problem with that is that the wall also prevents God from coming into us fully. We can accept His forgiveness but we can’t accept His Grace,

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