3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: To let people know that praise is necessary in order to bless God for blessing us.



In this particular scripture we find where Jesus had one of his first after the resurrection of Lazarus. Jesus, before the Passover came to Bethany after hearing about Lazarus being dead. The Bible says that he came and raised Lazarus from the dead. This feast that they had prepared, I would guess was to celebrate the living of Lazarus, and the power of Jesus. But the Bible tells us, that King Caiaphas had put out word that if seen Jesus would be arrested on sight. So to avoid being arrested he went to a nearby city. When word got out that they had invited Jesus to the feast, the question was raised, will he come knowing that he would surely be arrested. In a sense they were daring Jesus to come, but I stopped by to tell you that you could not dare Jesus out of anybody’s life. The Bible says Jesus shook all the haters, and came to the feast anyhow. And that’s where we began our message.

The phrase “let your hair down” does not actually mean to let your hair down. The phrase dose not means take your tracks out, or take your bob down, and literally let your hair down. Well, you may say preacher why doesn’t it mean that? Well, first of all it doesn’t mean that because some of us don’t have any hair to let down. But this phrase is used in street talk, and it means to relax, take it easy, or as us young folk say it chill.

Now Jesus came into the city with all of his disciples mainly Judas; the one who was going to betray him. The Bible says that Martha had prepared a great feast. And Lazarus was there, Mary of course was there, and a man that Jesus had healed of leprosy. It is not clear where the feast was held; it is said that the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus was too small. It is reported that the feast was held at the home of Simon the leper, but none the less Jesus was there. The Bible says that while they were all sitting around the table, Mary brought an expensive bottle of perfume. Now notice that she gave him the best she had. Too many of us Christians give God the less we have, we give him a dollar or two and we feel good about it. Matthew says that she first anointed his head, now this was honorable because kings were anointed on their heads, she anointed his head. But she didn’t stop there; she positioned herself to be able to anoint his feet. When she anointed his feet the rest of the people became aware of the fact that she had given Jesus this expensive thing. Judas led the crowd in an uproar against this act. Judas said what a waste; you could have done something better with that perfume than putting it on Jesus feet. The perfume could have sold for fifty or more dollars, and the money could have been given to the poor, but the Bible reports that by this time Judas was no longer concerned about the poor. He was controlled by his own jealously, and his own envy. Judas was one of the twelve disciples; he was equal to a deacon to Jesus. You would think that Judas would be the first one to say Mary you have done a great thing, but instead he was jealous. I want you to know that you need to be careful of those closest to you when others bestow honor upon you; they’ll go into a jealous rage. Sometimes even your family will be your main critics when you are trying to do something well, because if someone gets upset when are doing a good work for the Lord and people honor you, that’s nothing but the devil. But Mary didn’t let anybody stop her from doing what she had to do. She didn’t let anybody stop her from worshipping God. She let her hair down and wiped his feet with her hair. Church I stopped by to tell you that no matter what happens in life doesn’t stop worshipping God.

I know you are city councilmen and politicians, but you need to let your hair down.

I know that you are cool young brothers, but you need to let your hair down.

I know that you are too pretty, and your image maybe at stake, but you need to let your down for the Lord.

Deacons I know you have a job to do at church, but every once in a while you need to let your down for the Lord.

You need to let go a little while, because when I think of his goodness of the Lord and all he’s done for me, I can’t help but let my hair down.

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