Summary: A group of friends took the roof off to bring someone in need to Jesus. Lets be a church that takes the roof off to bring others to Christ.

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July 24, 2011 Jay Davis Robison MARK 2:1-12 ISAIAH 43:18-25

What is the greatest danger our church faces today?

Heresy? No Financial collapse? Sure times are tough but no

Conflict? We are full of human beings but not that either

Greatest threat losing our vision retreating from God’s dangerous call

Large percent of churches in USA have done that began with dream

Compelling gave all had success\growth from nothing to something

But then got tired, carrying a cross does that wonder if best in past

Or comfortable we have a new pastor all taken care of

Why I challenged you to pray for God’s dreams for Viewmont

To seek the new call God has for us Isa 43 God says

I am doing a new thing, God is always doing new things

Let’s be a church that takes the roof off!

Mark 2 what in the world got in to those guys?

Jesus is speaking from a home in Capernaum

Large overflow crowd gathered to hear him speak

I mean it was a preacher’s dream overflow crowd

People in doorways & windows no one else can fit in

When 4 people approach carrying paralyzed friend no way to get in

Then one of them gets this crazy idea roofs then made of

poles 3 ft apart, between them smaller sticks and seeds

which formed a network covered with mud hardened in sun

Roofs grass growing on them in summer had to be fixed after rain

Not to be deterred these 4 friends tore the roof off house

Imagine what would happen at house renting if I put hole in roof

Bible does not say so but you can just imagine Jesus speaking

When mud\grass falling commotion lowered friend to Jesus’ feet

Don’t know about you, but I want to be like those guys

Doing the unbelievable the impossible

What does it mean to be a church that takes roof off?

1. People of Compassion

Here’s man needed help crippled no social programs or hospital

If you were handicapped as he was little hope only life of begging

Acts 5 Peter passes man outside the city begging

Notice Mark does not mention any family bringing him

Where were they? Maybe they had given up

Enter 4 friends no question how these man feel about their friend

They decided to do something moved with compassion for man

Someone once said if you share another’s burden

Both of you walk a little straighter

They knew about their friend’s illness knew he’d not get well on own

Story is about a group of people who saw friend in need

They realized there was no hope of healing outside of Jesus

Taking the roof off in our faith begins

As we see needs in world around us

People unemployed, single moms buffeted by life

Young people with too much time on hands

Are their people like that around us?

Note when man is lowered before him

Jesus did not say what have you done?

You have to pay for this!

2. People of Conviction

They firmly believed Jesus could help their friend in need

They had no other choice no other resource had to get to Jesus

NT days people saw close relationship between sin and sickness

We can get sick from our own sin

Dr. told me 75% of patients he sees sick by own hands

Eat high fat diet, smoking, or alcohol abuse, stress out of control

These factors much more likely to have cancer heart problems

NT did not have any understanding of hereditary or random illness

None the less Jesus said to the man your sins are forgiven

Vs 10 as proof of forgiveness, Man gets up and walks

To take the roof off must come with some conviction

Important questions to settle who is Jesus? THE way or A way?

Do we believe people sin and are accountable for it? Or let off hook

Believe Jesus miraculously transforms lives today or just then

Measure of a person is height of their ideals, breadth of their

sympathy the length of patience & depth of convictions

To be church that takes roof off completely sold on Jesus Christ

As outgrowth of faith try to do what he would do in Hickory today

3. People who are Creative

Taking the roof off is really out of the box

Doing the unconventional and risky

Instead of asking how can we even think of doing this

These guys said we have to do something

Imagine the moment when saw no way to get in

Doors full, windows full

When one of them gets sparkle in eye

What if we come from top through roof

Lets go from the upside and bring him down

They moved beyond the way it’s always been done

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