Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We are called to be "fishers of men".


MARK 1:14-20


1. We all have certain things we like to do with our leisure

time and one of my favorite is fishing.

a. A couple of weeks ago, my family and I wanted to

do some fishing up in the mountains, but due to all

of the fires, we had to locate somewhere else to fish.

b. We called Kim’s sister in Ruidosa and she told us

she knew of a place we could go.

c. So we drove over to Ruidosa and she took us to one

of these pay by the inch ponds, .45 an inch to be


d. This was definitely an experience and I will share it

with you this morning at different points of the


2. Although I love fishing for fish, I even enjoy fishing for

men even more because there is some joy in catching a

big fish but there is no comparison to the joy one experiences in seeing a lost person saved.

3. Let’s read our text.

4. I do want you to notice your tackle box this morning

(inserts in the bulletin).

I. What Is Fishing For Men?

A. Scripture tells us this in Proverbs 11:30, "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise."

1. In the New Testament, this activity is called witnessing, sharing, testifying, preaching.

a. Here, in our text, Jesus calls it fishing.

b. Jesus was a Master at using natural things that people did in order to understand the teaching of these great spiritual truths.

2. Many of the principles of fishing for fish are basically the same as principles for fishing for people.

B. We must have good equipment.

1. Back at the fishing pond, we were given "cane poles" and attached at the end of the line was a hook.

a. Now compared to what I am use to fishing with

this was not much, but I had all I needed: a

pole with line and a hook on it.

2. The equipment we use must be useful.

a. Five times in our text, equipment is mentioned.

b. Their boats and their nets were extremely important.

3. As children of God, we are the only equipment that

God has to bring people to Jesus.

4. Jesus wants us to realize that we must be His


C. We must also use the right bait.

1. In the New Testament times, the fishermen used nets.

a. These men were commercial fishermen.

2. In today’s times, it is illegal to fish with nets, unless

you are a licensed commercial fisherman.

a. Most people today fish using either live bait or

an artificial lure on a single line.

b. The key to fishing with bait is to use bait that

the fish will bite.

3. Back to my fishing story, with all of our equipment,

we were also handed a little condiment cup of corn.

a. As we were fishing, a storm was blowing in

and the owner of the pond knew he was not

going to profit from us being there if we did

not catch any fish.

b. Now while we were fishing with the corn, you

could see the fish grab the bait and then spit it


c. After a couple of minutes the owner brought out a little sack of dough bait and told us to try


d. All of a sudden everyone was catching fish,

because of the simple fact that we were using

the right bait.

3. If we are going to lead people to Jesus Christ, we

must present the right bait to them.

a. In today’s society, there are many types of bait

that we see being used:

1. Entertainment

2. Bribery

3. Guilt

4. Fear

5. Promises of an easy road.

b. Many people have said to me "Why do Baptists

get so excited? All of us are going to the same

place. We are just taking different roads"!

c. When we hear that lie we must tell them, "No,

there is only one road to Heaven and there is

only one way to God and that is through

Jesus Christ.

John 14:6 says, "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the

truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by


d. We must never allow ourselves to get caught

up in the thinking that there is another way.

4. The only bait we better be using is God’s Word

that reveals to us that Jesus Christ is the only way.

D. We must also have time and patience.

1. Everyone that fishes knows that if they will be

patient that eventually they will catch some fish.

2. Again back to the pond, at first we were not doing so

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