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Summary: Today we are looking at the Christmas story through the eyes of the shepherds. The shepherds were a poorer social class (especially when compared to the magi), which shows the truth of the “great joy that will be for all the people” - regardless of socia

Let’s Go

Luke 2:8-20

Today we are looking at the Christmas story through the eyes of the shepherds. The shepherds were a poorer social class (especially when compared to the magi), which shows the truth of the “great joy that will be for all the people” - regardless of social status. We too are to take this “story” as Jesus Himself commanded us and “Go ye into all the world”.

There are three main things we see the shepherds do as they received this supernatural angelic message. We need to take their example, apply it to our own lives, and do as they did.

1. Hurry! - Immediate Response

Luke 2:15 PP2

[Found] [aneuran (grk 429)]. Second aorist active indicative of a common Greek verb [aneuriskoo] (grk 429), but only in Luke in the New Testament The compound [ana] (grk 303) suggests a search before finding. (from Robertson’s Word Pictures in the New Testament)

A. Immediate Search - They didn’t wait until their sheep were penned up. They didn’t wait until daybreak. They didn’t wait for someone else to tell them the same story over and over again. They immediately searched for the baby Jesus, street by street, house by house!

Illustration: Port Authority, Police etc. evacuating the Twin Towers - they didn’t wait until it was safe to go in. They didn’t wait for the second plain to hit. The didn’t wait for the smoke to clear and fires to burn out. Their immediate response, even at their own risk of death, helped to rescue about 20K people.

Application: We as well can not wait until certain things in our life get worked out to finally search out Jesus Christ in our own life. We can’t clean ourselves up first. We can’t sow our wild oats first. We can’t wait until we’ve heard the story for the 100th time. By then it may be to late.

B. Immediate Salvation - When they did find Jesus they believed! They realized that they had found the Messiah, the One the prophets had wrote and preached about. The One who was to save them from their sin. Their immediate response was to believe and be saved.

Illustration: Room in the Manger by Will Fish

Application: We too need find the Savior, accept Him as our own - someone who will stay for always.

2. Spread the Word!

Now that they have responded to the message in searching for Christ and believing in Him, they left that scene and spread the word throughout the whole town. They planted a seed in the hearts of the people through their testimony - their witness.

Illustration: My Friend

Application: We may not have been called to be Pastor’s or Evangelists, but we have been called to be a witness. We’ve been called to plant a seed in the hearts of those around us. They may never respond to our message and accept Christ as their Savior. They may never even come to church with us. Nevertheless, it’s our job to spread the word and plant a seed. Let God do the rest.

Illustration: Just Cruisin’; Give me a Light

3. Glorify God!

Luke 2:20

[Glorifying ...] Giving honor to God, and celebrating his praises. (from Barnes’ Notes)

These same shepherds that hurried to search for their Savior and receive salvation, those who then spread the word to everyone in town, now returned to their flocks of sheep on the hillside. They went back to their regular life and routine. The difference now was, they were glorifying and praising God.

Unfortunately, this time of the year we tend to glorify the season more than the reason. We honor Santa Clause, and Christmas trees, presents and parties rather than God who made everything possible. Because of this, when the season is over, the wrapping paper been discarded, we’ve eaten all the left-over turkey and ham, and the tree and decorations have been put away - suddenly our joy is gone. We have this huge let down because now we have to wait another whole year before we can celebrate again. We couldn’t be more deceived and wrong.

When we search out Jesus Christ and by faith are saved through grace, and even beyond our testimony and witness to the world, there is still the day to day norm of our lives. We’re not always going to hear the angels singing in our ear. The people aren’t always going to be amazed at our testimony and witness. However, the one truth that will never change is that God will always be worthy of honor and praise. We need to develop that experience into our everyday life. Christmas may come but once a year, but Christ in us is a joy to be experienced, proclaimed, and celebrated everyday of our lives. We need to honor God by celebrating His goodness and mercy everyday.

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