Summary: All about Loving your Neighbor’s

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This day and time if you want to be treated with Love and Kindness, then you surely should know that you will need to treat people in the same manner. And its not just today, It’s always been that way!!

Jesus said in the sermon on the mount DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU!!!! Not do unto others before they

get to you.

As you can easily figure out – this is a general rule.

But there will always be those who’s an exception to The rule who’s always onery (LIKE ME)

No matter what!! But that don’t mean I don’t

Love Ya.

If we treat others with Love then We will Meet

Love and Kindness at every turn!!!

Its our choice

We choose how much love we get out of life in general

We choose how many friends we’ll have and also

the quality of the friendships.

We choose how we are treated in how we treat

every one else!!!

We will complain!!




Its most often our own fault.

It comes from the way we treat other people.

Its our choice.

We can go through our days loving and being loved or rejecting and being rejected!!!

Listen to this little story about A young boy

growing up on the farm had many chores to do.

At the age of Ten he had to feed the chickens and milk the cows every morning before going to school.

His Mom would come into his room early each morning and wake him up and say wake up honey Its going to be a great day!!!

Then one morning his mother came in and said wake up Its gonna be a great day!!

The young man mumbled It’s gonna be a lousy day!!

His Mom said why Honey whats wrong??

He said I hate getting up so early to feed those stupid chickens and milking those stupid cows.

His Mom said why honey if that’s the way you feel then you just lay back down and go to sleep..

She said in fact you can just spend the whole day in bed.

He thought that was a wonderful idea and He went back to sleep

As you all know you can only sleep for so long so about 10 or so he couldn’t sleep any longer

So he spent all day in his room, No breakfast, No Lunch, No supper, No TV, No Radio, No Nothing.

At bed-time His mom came back and said Honey what kind of day did you have.

He said a Lousy day!!

She said see It was your choice, When you start off your morning saying “It’s gonna be a lousy day”

Other people can help you make it come true.

That night the young man slept fitfully and when 6 AM Came and His mother came to the door and

said Wake up Honey its---and before she finished

he jumped out of bed and completed her sentence “It’s gonna be a great day”

So you see it’s totally our choice as to how our day or our life will be!!!!! It’s Totally up to us!!!


The beloved Apostle makes it quite plain

Here that the one mark of the devil is hatred!!

In the beginning was our commandment that we should Love one another.

1st John 4:11says;

Beloved if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another!! It’s all about LOVE

Love is the willingness to give and not expect

Anything in return!!!!

Some of us convince ourselves that we are kind because we think kind stuff or we talk about

kindness even though we Never actually do anything!!!!!

Or we might say it’s the thought that really counts.

Let me tell you right there’s a little more to it

than just thinking about it.

Tonight our scriptures say in vs 18

My little children, let us not love in word, neither

in tongue, but in deed and in truth.

This don’t mean children/youth this means

God’s children

And its not merely talking about it

It means to show it in your actions!!!!

Listen to what the Lord will show us!!

Psalms 16:11says

Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore!!

You see he will keep his end of the bargain BUT the question is will we hold up our end of the bargain??

1st John 4:19 says:

We love him because he first loved us!!!

He loves us no matter if we love him in

return or not!!

Our love is not even close compared to Gods

perfect love!

Big John 13:34 says

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