Summary: An outline on the four compromise that Satan seek to make a deal with you.

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Let’s Make a Deal

by Dr. Fernando Cabrera

Exodus 8:25-10:29

1. First compromise: Don’t leave, but do you thing here in Egypt (Exodus 8:25-32)

a. Land represents territory and domain

i. The Devil wants you in his territory so he may have domain over you


ii. As long as he had them in Egypt, they would not taste of the Promise Land

1. You can’t miss what you never had

2. Captivity occurs when the enemy holds your attention captive

a. Adaptation leads to accommodation

b. Accommodation leads to more adaptation

i. Egypt represents Wordly Dependance outside of God’s Sufficiency

b. Land represents a realm of authority

i. When you enter someone’s country, you are under their authority and domain

ii. You may have authority in this land, but does not mean that you will have authority in another land

1. Our realm is the realm of the Spirit of God

2. The enemy still thinks that he is your LANDLORD AND THAT YOU ARE HIS TENANT

a. He still wants to charge you rent

i. As long as you are under his domain, he is going to charge you very high prices

ii. When you have a lease, you must pay until the lease is up, otherwise you must pay the remainder of the balance

1. You had a lease and contract with the Devil the day you sin

2. It was a lifelong contract with a payment so high that you could not pay

3. Christ pay off and pay up your debt at the cross

b. You now have a different landlord

i. New lease that never runs out on you

ii. New lease that is pay up forever

iii. New lease with all of the furniture included!

iii. Satan has not forgotten you, he wants to re-enslaved you


2. STORY: nail in the house

c. How did Moses handle this compromise?

i. He fought a promise with a better promise – a word from the Lord (v. 27)

2. Second Compromise: Don’t go very far (Exodus 8:28-32)

a. The enemy don’t want you to go all the way – OBEDIENCE

i. Why? Because obedience brings triumph and freedom

3. Third Compromise: Don’t take your family with you (Exodus 10:7-11)

a. The tribe of Levi was a tribe in which every member of the family was born into holiness and set apart unto God.

i. God had intended for the whole nation of Israel to be a priestly nation, but because of rebellion, only the tribe of Levi was given that privilege

ii. Because of the obedience of Jesus, we are all priest in the Lord

iii. In a priestly family, every member is set apart unto the ministry.

1. God wants your family to be a priestly family, unified and dedicated to the purposes of God

2. Satan loves to divide your family’s commitment, vision, and focus

iv. You cannot be satisfied with being the only person in your family who is in ministry.

1. You cannot rest until Satan gives up all your family and they are all involved in the vision

b. God’s intention is to bless your family (Gen. 12:3)“All the families of the earth will be blessed through you” (Gen. 12:3)

i. There is not one family on earth that God does not want to reach

1. Our families are the means through which God will multiply His kingdom worldwide.

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