Summary: September 11th sermon capturing the infamous words LETS ROLL

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On September 11th in Boston American Flight 11 took off from Logan Airport at 8:00 sharp. United Flight 175 followed close behind. Both Boston flights were schedule to fly to Los Angeles that morning. In Washington DC American Flight 77 also headed to Los Angeles it took off from Dullus Airport at 8:10. Of the four fuel laden cross country flights with terrorist aboard only one remained on the ground- Flight 93.


You just walked down the ramp of flight 93 you just sat down in one of those seats-


There are 7 other people that are getting ready to board flight 93

The first one is a man by the name of Mark Bingham- he's 6'5" a former Rugby player

he was a tough guy, a risk taker

Also coming on board is a man by the name of Tom Barnett- fro San Remone California- he's a father of 3 little girls- he's an executive with a health care company- he was a big man that had quarter backed his high school football team- Tom was seated in 1st class next to Mark Bingham

Now coming on board was the 3rd person-Jeremy Click

He's an NCAA Judo champ-6'1"- 220lbs

Next comes Lew Nash- 5'11" 210lbs a stocky fireman

Rich Godago- is now coming on board- he's an ex law enforcement officer

trained in hard combat

Linda Grohan is a brave American woman- she's a lawyer and a brown belt in Karate

Lastly there's a man by the name of Todd Beamer- he's 6ft a strong athletic man- a leader

As the plane begins to taxi down the runway- Suddenly the plane begins to lift and take off

It was just a normal flight for the first 45 minutes

At this point tragedy hits the twin towers and shortly thereafter a 911 operator receives a phone call- on the other line is Todd Beamer

He begins to describe something that is happening in the air aboard flight 93- He says that terrorists have killed the pilots and hijacked the flight

The flight is wobbling back and forth and moving in a downward direction

The operator describes the panic she could hear in the voices of those that were on board

When the plane jolted Todd shouts out "We have to do something, I don't think we're going to get out of this!"

Todd begins to describe how him and some of the other passengers around him are about to rush the cockpit "We're not going down without a fight! We think they are headed to the Whitehouse!"

The 911 Operator begins to pray for them that are on board

After the prayer concludes the last audible words that are heard on that 911 call are from the voice of Todd Beamer as he yells out- LETS ROLL!

The group races to the front, where the cockpit is- a distance of over 100 ft

All around the plane you can hear screams and commotion-

Phone calls from several people on board-sending messages to their loved ones- Tell the children I love them

The cockpit is rush and the plane flips and spins crashing into a field- blasting a hole into the earth 50 ft deep- thousands of gallons of jet fuel scorch the surrounding trees

Everyone on Board is Lost- Everyone on Board is gone- and the last words audible recorded from that flight were that of Todd Beamer's saying LETS ROLL!

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