Summary: Is your faith in Jesus.. • or the church? or your profession of faith • or some prayer you prayed? • or in the good things you think you have done?

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

November 10th 2013

1 John 1:4; 5:13


Intro: The early church had been birthed in power

• Grew like wildfire/Lord truly blessed/fledgling church.

• However, it wasn't many days until heresy began to creep into the church.

• One of the earliest perversions/Christianity to make an appearance was known as Gnosticism.

There were many versions/Gnosticism

• Primary areas/agreement was

• Knowledge---not/cross was/means to salvation.

Gnostics believed only through initiation into "special" knowledge they alone possessed could anyone hope to be saved.

• Also believed all matter was evil.

• Meant Jesus Christ did not really have/flesh/blood body.

• If matter was evil then Christ could not have had a physical body.

• It only appeared that He had died!

• Some did believe that Jesus died

• But/spirit/Christ left Him before the cross.

This, of course, eliminated/cross/resurrection as/basis/salvation.

• Since they believed all matter to be evil

• They did not believe in living holy lives.

• They believed the body could be allowed to do as it pleased since body and spirit were separate one from the other.

As teachings began to filter their way into/church

• some found their faith undermined

• They began to doubt their relationship with the Lord.


The Apostle John felt led offer assurance/his readers.

He wants them, and us, to know we can know/sure we are saved.

• Don’t have to live in doubt.

• Many do, does not have to be that way.

To aid us in knowing for sure/saved or not,

• John gives/simple test they can take’

• Test/determine where they stand/Lord.

• Like/achievement tests/school.

• Tests/broken down/sections/revealed where we stood in relation to our peer group.

John's test reveals where/person stands/regard/matter/salvation.

• John’s/simple test, broken down/five sections.

• Let’s take test together this morning.

• Not need # two pencil/All you will need/honest heart.

• Take/test/see where you stand

• If corrections need to be made, they will be allowed.

• Let's examine/sections/John's test/our own hearts

• Let's take a test!



A. 1 John 2:3-6

• Simply stated/person who/saved will have a desire to walk in obedience/revealed will/Lord.

• Same standard applied/Jesus Himself/John 14:15

B. 1 John 4:6, We are from God, and whoever knows God….

C. 1 John 5:3

• Saved/experience a joy in their heart when they receive commandments/Lord.

• God's demands will not be "grievous" to them

• They will be a pleasure and a delight to the soul!

• Psa. 1:1-3


D. Is there something within you/wants to do the will of God?

• You may not do it completely or perfectly

• there/pull within you/makes you want to do/God wants?

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