Summary: Is your faith in Jesus.. • or the church? or your profession of faith • or some prayer you prayed? • or in the good things you think you have done?

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

November 10th 2013

1 John 1:4; 5:13


Intro: The early church had been birthed in power

• Grew like wildfire/Lord truly blessed/fledgling church.

• However, it wasn't many days until heresy began to creep into the church.

• One of the earliest perversions/Christianity to make an appearance was known as Gnosticism.

There were many versions/Gnosticism

• Primary areas/agreement was

• Knowledge---not/cross was/means to salvation.

Gnostics believed only through initiation into "special" knowledge they alone possessed could anyone hope to be saved.

• Also believed all matter was evil.

• Meant Jesus Christ did not really have/flesh/blood body.

• If matter was evil then Christ could not have had a physical body.

• It only appeared that He had died!

• Some did believe that Jesus died

• But/spirit/Christ left Him before the cross.

This, of course, eliminated/cross/resurrection as/basis/salvation.

• Since they believed all matter to be evil

• They did not believe in living holy lives.

• They believed the body could be allowed to do as it pleased since body and spirit were separate one from the other.

As teachings began to filter their way into/church

• some found their faith undermined

• They began to doubt their relationship with the Lord.


The Apostle John felt led offer assurance/his readers.

He wants them, and us, to know we can know/sure we are saved.

• Don’t have to live in doubt.

• Many do, does not have to be that way.

To aid us in knowing for sure/saved or not,

• John gives/simple test they can take’

• Test/determine where they stand/Lord.

• Like/achievement tests/school.

• Tests/broken down/sections/revealed where we stood in relation to our peer group.

John's test reveals where/person stands/regard/matter/salvation.

• John’s/simple test, broken down/five sections.

• Let’s take test together this morning.

• Not need # two pencil/All you will need/honest heart.

• Take/test/see where you stand

• If corrections need to be made, they will be allowed.

• Let's examine/sections/John's test/our own hearts

• Let's take a test!



A. 1 John 2:3-6

• Simply stated/person who/saved will have a desire to walk in obedience/revealed will/Lord.

• Same standard applied/Jesus Himself/John 14:15

B. 1 John 4:6, We are from God, and whoever knows God….

C. 1 John 5:3

• Saved/experience a joy in their heart when they receive commandments/Lord.

• God's demands will not be "grievous" to them

• They will be a pleasure and a delight to the soul!

• Psa. 1:1-3


D. Is there something within you/wants to do the will of God?

• You may not do it completely or perfectly

• there/pull within you/makes you want to do/God wants?

• That/not naturally within man

• Supernaturally placed within man when he is saved!

E. How did you do on this section? Grade your own papers please!



A. 1 John 2:9-11

• Genuine believer/always be marked by true love for his brothers/sisters/Christ.

• Person who displays no love for/redeemed/not/child/God!

B. 1 John 3:18-19

True Christian loves his brethren, as we have already said.

• This/love/seen and not just said!

• Love that transcends all hurts and personal attacks.

• Unexplainable love for people

• In spite/their attitudes/actions towards us

• Gives us assurance of our salvation.

Verses 20-21

• Our own heart will attempt to condemn us.

• That is, we may feel we are not saved.

• John wants us/know we/not/rely/what our heart says!

• We are/look/evidence and rest in the grace of God.


C. 1 John 4:20-21 - True believers love/rest of God's family!

W/O supernatural love for the brethren a person is simply not saved, regardless of what they may say!

D. How are you doing? Again, please grade your own papers only!



A. 1 John 3:6-10 No one who lives in Him…….

• These verses reveal/truth/genuine believers live a different life/the world

• They/changed by/power/God/are different, 2 Cor. 5:17!

• saved person will develop a new pattern of life

• Increasingly become more/more like Jesus Christ 1John2:6

• Saved not be able to live a life of habitual, unconfessed, unrepentant sin!

• They will sin, 1 John 1:8

• There will be a pull in the heart to make it right with God and to separate from that sin!


B. You are going to resemble your spiritual father whether it is God or the devil.

• You will manifest/characteristics/your spiritual father

• Did you come through this section alright?

• Please keep your eyes on your own test results.

• God called us to bear fruit, not inspect it!



A. 1 John 3:24

Not only/genuine believer have/external marks/salvation

• Such/desire to obey the Lord

• desire to do His will

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