Summary: Rise & Shine: A Wake Up Call: Let’s Wake Up to our Objectives – Acts chapter 2 verses 41-47 – sermon by Gordon Curley


• Worship (vs 42):

• Instruction (vs 42a):

• Fellowship (vs 44-45).

• Expression (vs ).



• Les Dawson (1934 – 1993);

• Was an English comedian and writer remembered for his deadpan style,

• His grumpy persona and jokes about his mother-in-law and wife.

• Today he would not be described as not very P.C. (Politicly correct);

• But he was funny and his jokes still cause us to giggle.

• Here are some of my favourites.


• I said to the chemist, 'Can I have some sleeping pills for the wife?'

• He said, 'Why?'

• I said, 'She keeps waking up.'


• I can always tell when the mother in law's coming to stay;

• The mice throw themselves on the traps.


• The wife's Mother said, "When you're dead, I'll dance in your grave."

• I said: "Good, I'm being buried at sea."


• My mother-in-law fell down a wishing well.

• I was amazed; I never knew they worked.

• TRANSITION: hopefully those jokes brought a smile to your face!

• This morning I want to speak about the wife!

• Not the lady I married on the 26th May 1997.

• You men are impressed that I know my wedding anniversary;

• And so you should be!

• Actually, The way I remember is Man United won the treble on 26th May 1999.

• And it was two years before that when I was manacled – I mean bound to the good lady).

Now the W.I.F.E. I want to speak about is found in Acts chapter 2:

• Last week as we started this new session of talks called:

• ‘Rise and Shine: A Wake-up Call’.

• We asked some questions:

• i.e. “Why has the Church been called into existence?”

• i.e. "Why are we here?"

• i.e. "Why do we meet week by week?"

• i.e. “Why do we do the things that we do?”

Now those questions are partly answered by the W.I.F.E.

• Quote: Les Dawson:

• “The neighbours think I’m a ventriloquist.

• When I open my mouth the wife speaks.”

• TRANSITION: Now those key questions are partly answered by the W.I.F.E.

• To help remember our objectives as a Church;

• Remember the word W.I.F.E. representing:

• (1). Worship.

• (2). Instruction.

• (3). Fellowship.

• (4). Evangelism.

Note: the context of these verses:

• In Acts chapter 2 we see the Church in embryonic form;

• In fact the Church has just been born and the cradle is still rocking.

• The Holy Spirit has just for the very first time been given permanently to believers;

• It had never happened before;

• i.e. In the Old Testament the Holy Spirit came on individuals;

• And then after a period of time he went again.

• i.e. The Holy Spirit came indiscriminately;

• It had never happened before;

• In the Old Testament the Holy Spirit came on selected individuals;

• But now he is given to every true believer.

We are picking up the story:

• After the apostle Peter has preached the very first Christian sermon;

• And three thousand people responded to the message;

• And came to faith! That is became Christians, followers of Jesus.

Quote: Charles Swindoll (‘Rise and Shine: A Wake-up Call’)

• “Here were thousands of new believers who had no building in which to meet,

• No pastor, no sense of direction, no knowledge of the Christian life,

• No church constitution, no set of creeds,

• No understanding of the Spirit's presence or power,

• An incomplete Bible ... they had nothing!

• Yet they formed the charter membership of the church.

• From this original body of three thousand souls, the flame spread around the world.

• And from this original account of their activities and involvements,

• We are able to glean the earliest (and therefore purest) set of objectives.

• There are four of them….”

Now as we have noted already:

• We are going to use the acronym W.I.F.E.

• To help remember our four objectives this morning;

• (1). Worship.

• (2). Instruction.

• (3). Fellowship.

• (4). Evangelism.

• As we read verse 42, all four truths emerge.

• And then, as we finish reading the chapter (vs 43-47),

• Notice that each of the four is illustrated.

• These four objectives were essential for the early Church;

• And they are still relevant for us today.

• They still comprise the ministry of the church.

• As we seek to glorify God;

• Which we noted last week was our primary purpose for existing;

• We need to focus on the fourfold target of;

• Worship, instruction, fellowship, and expression.

• From these four pictures;

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