Summary: It is a dark world we live in. While his father goes for a towel, his baby drowns in bathwater. A young husband is deserted by his wife of one year, and an elderly man is plagued by a heart condition that could take him at a moments notice. What do we do?

Mary of Magdala

Magdala: important agricultural, fishing, trade center of ancient Galilee

Mary’s name can mean: Tower, greatness

Her name can mean: Rebellious, bitter

Mary rebelled against God in her earlier years

She tried to control her life, do her own thing, yet ended up losing control.

Lost control to evil spirits who inhabited her body and brought darkness.

Physical and mental issues are often associated with demon possession.

Not just one but seven demons. They brought her severe pain, grieve, regret, and probably cynocism.

These conditions were not God’s will, but the power of Christ might be made manifest through them.

Alone, tormented, without hope, in terror, and hurt--

yet Christ brought her into the light because she trusted in Him.

People marveled because of the authority that Christ possessed; he commanded unclean spirits and they obeyed Him.

Great transformation in her life, as this demon possessed woman became a loyal follower of Christ

She was witness to cross, burial, empty tomb, and resurrection of Christ.

She was the first one to speak with Jesus after the resurrection.

It was a dark world she lived in before she met Jesus.

It is a dark world we live in.

Baby drowns in bathwater while his father goes for a towel, young husband is deserted by his wife of one year, elderly man is plagued by a heart condition that could take him at a moment’s notice

Sometimes the darkness is our doing, sometimes circumstancial, and sometimes afflicted on us by others.

Darkest time for me as an 11 year old. Seemingly no way out of the darkness and confusion of losing both my mother and step-father.

What has been the darkest part of your life so far? Write that down.

Despite the darkness of Mary’s life, Jesus brought her light. She needed to be in the light and so do you.

Write down the place where you grew up.

Makes no difference where you live: I live in an academic capital, tech. center, strong real-estate market, yet I still need to be in the light to this area because despite its advantages, it needs Christ.

Magdala means tower, yet Mary didn’t find strength within herself or her location in life, she found only weakness.

Our position in life or geographic locale can actually work against us. Here in New England we consider ourselves religious yet we never spend much time on spiritual things. Lowest state for bible reading in the country. We are too busy!

Make sure that where you are isn’t keeping you from being in the light.

In the light

Can you think of a negative word that has characterized you in the past?

The dark experience you jotted down earlier-how’d it affect you for the bad?

In other words, If I had to admit it, I am or used to be . . .(hopeless, fearful, etc.).

For Mary she was rebellious and bitter. These characteristics extinguished any chance of light coming into her life.

Rebellion as the sin of witchcraft.

If you think about it the Bible is right. Rebellion is worshipping the wrong person. It is worshipping yourself; thinking that you are better than God and know better than Him.

Mysterious paradox; Bible says if you take control of your life, you will lose it. Apparently that is what happened to our friend Mary.

Within ourselves there just isn’t enough light for us to live the way we should live. We are not gods as some religions believe.

When we give up our rebellion and live for God instead of ourselves, we learn what it means to be in the light and what it means to really live.

Bitterness is another element that tosses water on the light that wants to rise in our lives. Its when we allow the injustices, pain, and regret of life to overshadow the light being shined in.

Have experiences left you bitter? Come to the light! He’ll take that bitterness and relieve the heavy burden you have been carrying.

Look back at the negative word you wrote down earlier, is it still a problem for you? Whatever word you wrote there is like darkness in your life. You might even look at is and say there is no way anything can overcome this fault/sin/dissappointment in your life. You might feel like Mary Magdalene with not just one demon but seven.

The man who cast out the seven demons from Mary, will help you too.

You will learn as Mary did that no one and nothing can completely extinguish the light. He is always there.

It is all based on whether or not you will allow the power of Christ to be manifest in your life. Remember, no matter what amount of effort you put in, it will not produce results without Christ.

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