Summary: This sermon explains the origin, nature, and purpose of modern day liberals.

Liberals Unmasked

Romans 1:18 – 32

Preached by: JB Hall

Introduction: Today, politics deeply divides Americans; and with the media so fascinated with the centers of power (not only wanting to report on them, but to help shape the political landscape), the debate over liberal vs. conservative views is at fever pitch.

While liberals always try to paint conservatives in a negative, fanatic, dangerous light, and while many “so-called” conservatives bring disgrace to the title, the difference between true liberals and true conservatives is found in their differing views of God.

In Romans, Chapter 1 I believe we find a vivid picture of modern day liberals and liberalism. Let’s examine these Scriptures today to see how God takes the mask off these ungodly people to reveal the true origin, nature, and purpose of these modern day liberals. Let’s look at this picture of “Liberals Unmasked”.

1. Verses 19 – 21 – Liberalism begins with the rejection of clear, evident, known truth about God.

A. It is not that liberals are unsure, or are unable to believe in God.

B. Verses 19 & 20 make it clear God has clearly revealed Himself to them by irrefutable evidence; so much so that they are without excuse to acknowledge Him to be God.

C. The problem, according to Verses 21, is that “…when they knew God, they glorified him not as God…”

D. The result, then, according to Verse 18, is that they “…hold the truth in unrighteousness;”

E. In other words, they hold back, or suppress the truth by standing in unrighteousness.

F. The problem then, is liberals’ rejection of the Godship, or headship, or authority of God.

G. Liberalism, then, is not just an alternative political, social, or cultural view.

H. It is plain and simple rebellion against the Almighty God!

2. Verse 21b – A liberal’s rejection of God results in him viewing life through vain imaginations resulting from a darkened heart.

A. When you reject God’s truth about your world and life, you have to invent an imaginary, made-up, concept of the world and life.

B. A liberal views the world from an imaginary perspective.

C. He lives in a fantasy world of made up realities.

D. This imaginary, fantasy world he lives in distorts his view on everything.

E. Verse 31 says he is “Without understanding…”

F. Verse 22 explains to us that while they profess themselves to be wise, they are in fact fools.

G. That’s why you see liberals taking outrageously ridiculous positions on very serious issues.

H. Why would a liberal think that the most effective way to deal with fanatic evil called terrorism is dialog and negotiation; that passive dialog is more effective than aggressive offense when it comes to fighting terrorism?

I. Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh asks the question, “How can you negotiate with someone whose starting point is your death?”

J. Why would a liberal think it is more important how other nations in the world view us than to take tangible, personal national steps to protect our citizens from evil attacks by fanatic, religious zealots?

K. Why would a liberal elevate the right of someone who wishes to end the life of an unwanted unborn child or an unwanted infirmed individual over the right of the one marked for death to live?

L. Why would the liberal elevate the perversion of self-evident gender roles that have been so since the beginning of time, to legitimacy and forced acceptance by those who oppose this perversion?

M. It is because that in their foolish dark hearts they have developed an imaginary world in which they live, causing them to lose touch with reality so that they are left with no common understanding to discern between truth and error.

N. Their rejection of God’s truth has left them with no spiritual or moral compass to guide them through the issues of life that affect us all, and that we all have to deal with on a daily basis.

O. According to Verse 22, in their rejection of the truth they have become fools.

3. Verse 22 – In the darkness of the liberal’s imagination he believes and professes himself to have superior wisdom.

A. Verse 30 says they are “…proud…” and “…boasters…”

B. This arrogant assertion of liberals’ surmised superiority in wisdom naturally impels them to seek positions of power.

C. This supposed superiority leads them to think they have the right and responsibility to exercise authority over the masses that, of course, “do not have the wisdom to make decisions or provide for themselves.”

D. Thus, these self-proclaimed elitists, just cannot understand why when they are rejected for someone who holds an opposing viewpoint.

E. They usually take the position that they have been cheated because “they just couldn’t have been rejected.” Or, they feel the people have not even had enough wisdom to recognize their right to rule over them.

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Robert Yount

commented on Jul 6, 2011

I am so conservative I make you look like a New Deal Democrat and even I am concerned with how you have placed all who would have a liberal political view into one unbelieving basket. Curious -- One of your initial comments "While liberals always try to paint conservatives in a negative, fanatic, dangerous light, and while many ?so-called? conservatives bring disgrace to the title" --- held such promise.

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