Summary: Everyone born of God carry a glory he is to manifest for the glory of God. The enemy is trying very hard to capture the glory and prevent its manifestations.

Liberation of the Captured Glory

Study Text: Isaiah 60: 1 - 3


- Everyone born of God has a glory to manifest because Salvation releases us from the hold of darkness to a marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9

- It is the will of God that we manifest His glory as His children.

- The Devil recognizes this, and he is doing everything possible to keep a child of God in obscurity in one area or the other of his life.

- God has made available everything we need to manifest and He is also challenging us to arise and shine.

- Whatever level you are, there is a higher level, whatever glory you manifest, there is a greater glory to manifest as you hold on to the Word of God, you will surely experience a super glory in all areas of your life by His grace.

- God is speaking to you; He is calling you by name to arise and shine because your light is come, and the glory of God is risen upon you.

- We shall be discussing the topic under three subheadings:

1. Glory Explained

2. Glory Encaged

3. Glory Enjoyed

1. Glory Explained

- Glory is what God has made you or deposited in you, and that He wants you to manifest for everyone, so that all the people can glorify God in your life.

- When Jacob was hunting the Birthright of Esau, it was because of the glory of receiving double portions of the inheritance.

- When Cain was angry with Abel because he was accepted and commended, to the extent that he has to kill him fast, it was because of the glory of what Abel could become as a result of the favour of God upon his life.

- When the brother of Joseph conceived the idea of killing him, it was because of the fear of the great glory that Joseph was destined to manifest as revealed to him in a Divine revelation.

- King Herod destroyed the lives of many children just because he was afraid of the glory of Jesus, and didn't want it to manifest.

- David was envied and hated by his brothers since the day he was selectively anointed in the presence of them all, because they were afraid of the great glory he will manifest.

- Saul began to look for how to terminate David's life after killing Goliath and the women sang to ascribe greater honour to David than King Saul. He was simply trying to capture the glory.

- There are people who have a foreknowledge of the glory you carry, either by Divine revelation, observation, suspicion or through Satanic powers, and some of them will try all things possible to capture the glory and prevent the glorious manifestations through it.

- When the glory is captured, it will become impossible to fulfill Divine purpose and destiny and all forms of glorious manifestations would be put on hold in the life of the victim.

- The glory will make you to excel in certain areas of your life above your equals and even superiors, and it will make you to be honoured and envied.

- When David stood over Goliath, drawing Goliath’s sword and cutting off his head and lifted it up, it was a manifestation of glory.

- David began to shine in Israel. He never went back to the bush to remain a shepherd boy.

- The glory was so much that the King requested to know his father for the first time.

- You have a glory from God, and He desires that you manifest your glory to the fullest for His name to be glorified.

- Men do not light a lamp and put it under the table. It begins to drive away darkness, and gives light to the people around.

- When Joseph began to shine in Israel and Pharaoh asked him to go and bring his father and bring his brothers, it was a manifestation of glory.

- God is interested in what you will become and what you will bring: to bring influence and to command respect in your family, in the community and in the Church.

- That is the glory God wants you to manifest apart from bringing glorious influence of righteousness upon the people that are around you.

2. Glory Captured.

- The Bible revealed to us the overall agenda and mission of the Devil, that he has come to steal, to kill, and to destroy. John 10:10

- Whenever he succeeds in fulfilling this mission in a man's life, then, we can say he has captured the glory.

- The Bible also made us to know that the Devil carries out his assignment by looking for opportunities to take advantage of. 1 Peter 5:8

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