Summary: a look at the tenth commandment

To "covet" is to DESIRE w/o regards to others

The ancient formula of sin - Genesis 3:6


Coveting is a matter of SEEING

**Coveting is seeing what we don’t HAVE instead

of what we HAVE.**

**Coveting keeps us from seeing GOD fully.**

The happiest people are not the ones who have

the most they are the ones who are the happiest

with what they have.

"Godliness with contentment is great gain."

**Coveting keeps us from seeing our

NEIGHBOR as we should.**

The ancient formula of sin in Genesis 3:6 states that before the actual taking of the fruit, Eve had to desire it. Ajnd even back of that desiring came SEEING the fruit as an object of desire. So at the root, improper desire comes from a SEEING PROBLEM.

Seeing what we don’t have instead of seeing what we have. Somehow focusing on that seems sub-christian. It seems to be less than grateful for the blessings we have. Pastors are the worst at this. We are always focused on how many pople aren’t at service instead of the ones that are. We see the empty seats easier than the filled ones. Its all a matter of vision. How do I look at my life? With thankfulness or with longing for more. Not seeing means many times missing the blessings which are the closest to us. They are the easiest ones to neglect--our families. God make us people who see the blessings all around us.

Coveting is not SEEING God fully. I find that when I’m wlaking close to God that I’m not an envious person. I’m not a covetous person. I’m not a grass is greener ont the other side person. I find that when I’m very close, I’m contented and grateful. I’m trusting that what God has given me is what I need and what I can handle. I think God is pleased with that type of faith. God will not withold any good thing from me so if He is witholding something it is for my own good. When I’m seeing God as my supply and portion, I’m not a coveteous person.

Finally, I covet when I don’t SEE my neighbor as I should. When I see my neighbor as one I must keep up with or one I am in competion with. Instead I must see them as one that I love as myself. Is it really possible to do that. Can I be happy with my neighbors having something than I am with be having something. Can I truly rejoice with those who rejoice?

What I deep work of God that has to be in my soul to make me that type of person. Is it really possible? "God is able to abundatley more than all I ever aked or imagined." Spirit of the Living God make me that type of person!!!

**Much of this material from this sermon came from Dr. Ellsworth Kalas’ book "The Ten Commandments from the Backside"**

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