Summary: a look at the 8th commandment


Work for it

Ephesians 4:28


Mt. 25:21



Mt. 6:11



Ex. 20:15 Ps. 37:21

Employee Theft

Prov. 20:23 Titus 2:10

Employer Theft

James 5:4

Failure to Care

Prov. 28:24


-Christians are GIVING people

The essence of stealing is GETTING

-Christians TRUST God

Prov. 3:3-5 Php. 4:19

The Bible has nothing against people having "stuff." In fact 2 of the commandments insure our right to our possessions. But there is a biblical way to get our stuff and an unbiblical way.

The Bible say we should work for our stuff. Some people think that work is a result of the fall but that is incorrect. Work bacame part of the curse becasue work was to be hard and no longer a pleasure. We are need meaningful work for self-esteem reasons. The Biles says that we can invest our money and let it work for us. Matthew 25 is clear about that.

Also we can inherit our stuff. The Bible is full of examples of people who have inherited money. Another way to get stuff is through believing prayer. We have not because we ask not.

Unbliblical ways are out and out theft. That’s the obvious part of this commandment. but also the Bible talks about us stealing from our employers. Calling in sick when we not or not giving our employer an honest days work certainly seems to fall below the Christian standard. Emplyers can steal as well by not paying proper wages or witholding pay. And finally we can, maybe not acquire stuff, but hold on to our stuff by a faliure to care for our familes and our parents. God has no place for people who won’t care for their own.

But all of this is the obvious part. There are two principles here which represent the meat of this commandment. As Christians we are supposed to be giving people. The essence of stealing is getting. If I’m a getter and not a giver I seem to be less than Christian. God is trying to make us giving people who focus not on what we get but what we can give away. God is trying to make us like His son who was the ultimate giver. "Though He was rich for our sakes he became poor so that we through His poverty might become rich."

Giving for us not only means money, but it means time, and the giving of oursleves as we invest in others.

Ther is more meat here: Christians are to trust God. If we take which is not our own we are not trusting that he can provide for us my what He’s given us. I don’t have to take matters into my own hands and trust in myself. Christians trust God. One place we must turst Him, even test Him is with our finainces. The Bible says we steal from God if we don’t return to Him what is His.

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