Summary: The above scripture is so pleasurable and comforting, because it encourages you in the midst of pain, sorrow and loss!

Lie down in green pastures….

23:2”He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.”

The above scripture is so pleasurable and comforting, because it encourages you in the midst of pain, sorrow and loss! I make my school kids memorize the above chapter and narrate in the assembly before we start the day.

Today’s generation have an insatiable thirst for vacation, exotic holiday spots, which they feel is the only way to unwind and rest! Our youngsters who do not even attend worship on Sundays, are busy navigating the roads for new pubs, cinema theatres, parks and malls to spend their time and rest! Is it any wonder that instead of finding rest, they end up in a mess!

When you are without a permanent home, permanent job, permanent income, permanent friend to rely on, permanent shoulder to lean on, then you realize you have a PERMANENT GOD who would never ever leave you! Did you know, did you know……….He would run to you at a time when you are weak, tender and fragile with none to hold you! It is better to be a broken vessel with Him by our side than being puffed up with the world and riches by our side! Give Him a shout of praise please! He is worthy! I am able to write this piece with integrity because today I own nothing but Him! I may not have enough money for the next month rent but I have enough peace in HIM, to rest in peace, trusting Him to supply all my needs. There is such peace and tranquility in Him, when the world around is flummoxed and bemused! Hallelujah!

Diagnosed with multiple fibroids, placenta being misplaced and in the fifth month of pregnancy, I was admitted in the emergency ward of the hospital bleeding profusely. This is crisis to a normal eye! But it was during this time of crisis and being abandoned in the emergency ward that I brought my ‘big Bible’ that was gifted for my marriage, into my hospital room, and I started flipping the pages with great reverence, eagerness and earnestness; God started speaking to me awesomely and I received lessons on faith, love, joy, peace and happiness right there in the hospital room. Amen. Clap and shout with joy people! He is awesome! God ripped off all hypocrisy right there and I started climbing into His Lap to learn more of Him! Man, my life changed! I remember the words of Isaiah here:

Isaiah 49:9”That You may say to the prisoners, 'Go forth,' To those who are in darkness, 'Show yourselves.' " They shall feed along the roads, And their pastures shall be on all desolate heights.

• They shall neither hunger nor thirst, Neither heat nor sun shall strike them; For He who has mercy on them will lead them, Even by the springs of water He will guide them.”

Observe the words ‘their pastures shall be on all desolate heights!’ When God is with you, even desserts and wilderness turn out to be green pastures and He would make you lie and rest there! Amen. Ang Lee, Director of the latest blockbuster movie Life of Pi, explained the mood and feeling that the lullaby song should evoke to Carnatic vocalist Bombay Jayashri before she sang the lullaby song that has now bagged an Oscar nomination and these are his words: ’the child sleeps not because he is sleepy but because he feels safe.”

This is temporary peace that the ‘world’ offers: good, soothing music, consoling words of a friend, or a mother’s comforting hands – these are all temporary; what stands with you ‘forever’ in the midst of pain and sorrow are the words of God that would comfort you not to sleep but to stay awake and still rest in His everlasting arms. Give Him a shout of joy please! If you have been basking and finding rest in perishing things like a good rewarding job, handsome salaries, plum jobs in an affluent country, wonderful health, luxurious apartment, mom’s love and a dear friend’s help; let me warn you, they would all depart and then there is nothing left but the everlasting Hands of God to steady you. Beware!

The doctors would come into my room, and spread gloom with medical reports: terminate the pregnancy, your condition is critical, the abortion has to be done NOW. Nothing affected me because I was drinking from the Bible every second of the day! My entire testimony is posted on our website,, click ‘About us’, to read it fully with pictures of my ‘miracle kid Joshua.’ The hospital room turned out to be a 'green pasture- land of rest for me' because I chose not to buckle down to the lie of the enemy but trust His Word and rest in His Arms. Choice is yours today!

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