Summary: A Seeker Sermon looking at Near Death Experiences and whether life continues after death. It concludes- yes it does, and Jesus holds the keys to life, death and eternity

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Life after death- proven?! WBC 11 May 2003


In discussing ‘life after death’ I just want to recognise

- pain in living WITH death

o illness

o loss

- this discussion can all seem hypothetical, clinical, dwarfed by that

- the mystery of much of this. I’m not able to give you a watertight explanation of ALL this morning

- BUT- I am able to give HOPE… encouragement

o I pray this morning will give you some real, concrete evidence that FAITH can latch onto and make a reality

 Still does take faith- even though conclusive!

o Change your life, perspective. Give ‘life before death’

Now, the first thing in addressing life after death is

- can we exist when our body/brain is dead? Thoughts, ‘mind’, personality exist… continue

o we are aware that our thought process are a physical phenomena. Electrical impulses, in a network of neurons

 drugs, illness, Alzheimer’s can tragically affect the brain so that the ‘personality’ starts to vanish

 so- once that’s gone- how can it be regained, restored?

 Won’t it ALL just be lost when we die?

So- is there any evidence of the ‘mind’ continuing when the brain is clinically dead? Is there continuity of ‘mind’ (personality) because the mind and brain are somehow (in a way we don’t understand) separate

- here’s a clip from BBCs Horizon program on NDE (experiences of physically dying yet returning with some new memories)

o will expand on this : our mind/personality not being JUST limited to our brain

o NDE Clip 1 ‘mind and brain separation’ PLAY

Might thoughts/memories continue even when our brains are dead. That’s what the scientists (from SOTON) are asking

Well- if someone can die, clinically… totally- and then come back to life… or be revived and actually tell what’s been going on when there was no activity in their brain

- then that is proof of this

Now- be aware: MOST NDE experiences are

- brain shutting down

- brain ‘dreaming’ and using images/symbols known to the person

But if someone can describe something that

- there is no way they could have seen happening

- they had been fed no image of it, already (ie they were born blind)

o then that, to me, is as objective proof as you’ll get

“Pam”, referred to in last clip- saw and described the brain ‘saw’ during op

- but I haven’t included that in full, as the next clip seems most objectively conclusive to me

- NDE CLIP 2 ‘Blind lady seeing’ PLAY

Well- how do you explain that? How does the mind exist while the brain is dead?

- we don’t know. But maybe there’s a whole lot more to this than WE understand!

o Maybe science WILL explain some of it in the future

Maybe- God is able to do anything he wants to and, (to use tekkie language)

- it’s no problem for him to download the mind when the brain deteriorates… and keep the mind going

o maybe we SEE the download in some with Alzheimer’s (they’re going already)

And- I’d like to say- if there are genuine, verifiable, examples of people long dead who come back to life… fully

- then that (to me) is proof that WE exist (as people) without our bodies

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