Summary: People do not need to see our wisdom. They need to see what the Spirit of God can do in us and through us.

Prep for today- 1Peter- not breathed on.

Jn 20:22 And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit. NASU

Jesus knew His disciples needed the HS to do His will

In the same way, we need the HS to walk with God.

1Cor 2:1-5

My prayer- God- give us fresh bread, living manna.

2 Cor 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves;

People do not need to see our wisdom, they need to see what the Spirit of God can do in/through us.

Francis Frangipane …

The goal of God, and therefore the goal of every church, should be for the likeness of Christ to be reproduced in the people.

Our lives/faith must be built on the Living power of God, on the very life of Jesus Christ.

Parable of the ten virgins …

Mtt 25:1-13

Frightening- all ten virgins believed they were ready to meet the Lord, yet five were not.

Five did not have a living, active flow of God’s Spirit in their lives, they were not prepared to meet God.

Our walk w/God is more than knowledge about God.

It is so easy to continue to believe everything we have always believed and add to it our belief in God.

Knowledge alone does not require a humbling of our hearts/yielding of our will to the purposes of God.

It is only then that we will have a continual flow of the fresh oil of God’s Spirit in our lives.

Parable of the Rich Young Ruler …

Mtt 19:16-22

He wanted to know how to receive eternal life.

He had kept all- commandments- lived a righteous life

What Jesus was telling him is that he could not receive eternal life by his own strength/wisdom.

A life w/God- not built on human strength/wisdom.

Jesus challenged him with a task he could not do in his own strength w/o the faith to trust in God.

It was not that his heart was consumed by his possessions, but he could no longer trust

in his own strength/wisdom.

He would have to let go of everything and trust in the power of God to take care of him.

Mtt 19:23-26

Our walk w/God is not built on natural strength and wisdom, but on the life/power of God within.

Look at King David …

1Chr 13:1-14

David consulted men and made plans, but not God.

As a result God was not in it and a man lost his life.

David became angry because in his zeal God did not respond according to his expectations.

As a result he was separated from the presence of God

1Chr 15:11-15

David had not inquired of God and done it God’s way.

It is so important that we be in tune with the Spirit of God and operate out of His power and revelation.

Our lives/this church, must be build on the life/power of God- may God breath on everything we do.

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