Summary: teachings on deliverance and spiritual warfare

We are living in a dual world. There is a spiritual world and a physical world. One thing very important to know is that man is a spirit. Man is a spirit being. He has a soul mind, will, and emotions – and he lives in a body. The body is the house of the spirit.

With your spirit you contact the spiritual realm, with your soul, you contact the intellectual and emotional realm while with your body, you contact the physical ream. Now coming to the issue of life in the spirit world. There are three spirit worlds, viz:

- The spirit world of God

- The spirit world of the Devil

- The spirit world of Man.

In all the spirit worlds, the most powerful is the spirit world of God followed by the spirit world of the Devil. The spirit world of Man is loyal to both spirit worlds based on your choice and your will.

The spirit world is as real as the physical world. But the fact is clear, that the spirit world controls the physical world. The spirit world is even more real that the physical world. What takes place in the spirit world affects us practically in our day-to-day living depending on which spirit world you belongs to or yield to.

It is sad that the god of this world, Satan has blinded the minds of people that they go through trouble situation in life making them grope in darkness without knowing the source of their problem. But is time to get to the root of our problems because the true light is about to shine on your way to enable every blindfolding to fall off from the eyes of your mind.

Your earnest desire should be to ask God to open up your spiritual understanding to the realities of the spirit world. Your new dawn of victory has come!

From the above verse, we can conclude that the physical world is a duplicate of the spirit world because words are spiritual. There is more power in the spirit world than the physical world. So to change that physical situation you have to apply the spiritual. The spirit world is much faster than the physical world.

In the physical realm, the fastest speed is the speed of light, and is visible to man, but anything beyond the speed of light cannot be seen by man in the physical world. That is why when airplane is about to take off, you can see the propeller moving, but once, the speed is above the speed of light, it is no longer visible to many; you may even be deceived that the propeller does not exist anymore.

Once again, to change the physical you have to resort to the spiritual.

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Brian Bayer

commented on Jun 2, 2017

What Scripture are you referring to???

Brian Bayer

commented on Jun 2, 2017

oh, got it. Eph. 6:12 thanks

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