Summary: Discover he importance of Gd’s Word in everyday life.

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Psalm 119:89-96

Introduction: This morning in the ABC’S class we looked at Bible Basics. Share from interesting facts sheet. Share “THE ANVIL” poem.

It can seem at times that the Bible is for Church or for the Super Religious. Honestly, at times it seems as though modern the Bible has very little relevance in our lives. Lkife just goes on regardless of what the Bible says. Tonight I want you to see that The Word of God is extremely important in our everyday lives. Without God’s Word we would have no life.

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I) The WORD OF GOD Starts Life

a. In the beginning was the Word

b. Creation is the result of God’s Word.

c. Thy faithfulness (Word) ..

d. Thou Established the earth and it abideth. (V. 90)

e. With them (Precepts) thou hast quickened me, (V. 93)

f. Genesis Ch. 1 reveals that God created the universe by speaking it into existence.

There is nothing good in your life that doesn’t start with the Word of God. There is no good work except the Lord speak it. There is no good deed except the Lord commend it. There is no mercy or grace except the Lord whisper it, etc.

II) The WORD OF GOD Sustains Life

a. He holds all together by the Word of His Power

b. Everything is framed by the Word of God

c. In him all things are held together

d. They continue .. ACCORDING to thine ordinances.

e. The Laws God created hold things together for they are His Servants

Life is preserved by the Word of God. The earth continues to spin onit’s axis. The stars continue to shine and our lives are sustained. At one Word from Heaven – all can change!!

Comment on laws of Physics and how Evolution and the big bang theory require us to throw out the laws of physics.

God is continually active in sustaining creation.

III) The WORD OF GOD Saves Life

a. The Word of God Saves.

b. Faith comes by hearing – by the Word of God.

c. We are Saved and Sanctified by the Washing of the Word

d. Unless the Law had been my delights,.. I should have perished. (V. 92)

e. I am thine, Save me, I have sought thy precepts. (V. 94 )

f. I will consider thy testimonies

When the enemy comes against you threatening you, attempting to strike fear in your Heart… Consider God’s Word!! It is very important to remember that you are Saved by the Word of God. We call out to him and seek him through his word and find voictory over Sickness Depression Fear etc.

Question: Could you lead a lost man to Christ? Many of us could not lead a lost man to Jesus because we don’t have enough Word in us. Many could not lead a lost person to Christ even if they wee looking for him. What you think about Jesus really doesn’t make any difference. What matters is what the eternal word of God says about him!

Question: In your time of trouble could you pray as the Psalmist, “ I am thine, Save me: I have sought thy precepts”? Here is our problem, We have not sought the Word. We find ourselves in the same messes over and over because we have neglected the Word of God. When we cry out to God for help we need to be able to say, “I have searched your Word. I know what your word says!”

Here is a comforting thought. When you gave studied and meditated upon God’s Word and you face trouble you pray with Confidence. And when you do, God does something supernatural. He reaches deep inside of you and pulls up a Word that you ingested years before. Perhaps a passage, a promise or just one verse that you read and learned long ago. This will become part of your prayer and petition. And then as you pray that scripture you find that your Faith is increased and you receive the promise!

Prayer of Thanksgiving for God’s Word. Request the Lord’s help to hep us understand His Truth and to receive it into our lives daily.

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