Summary: As we remember the birth of Christ and the significance of His prophetic names, It is also very empowering to realise the awesome power of His resurrection as this gives us the assurance that life is worth living . And because Jesus lives, we can face tomorrow.

There are times in life when we feel life is not worth living because we are faced with one hopeless situation or the other.

1 Sam 30:3-20 described how David felt when he lost his possessions to the enemy. The bible says David and his men wept until they have no more strength to weep because the enemy had burnt down their homes and taken their people captive. The bible mentioned specifically that David was greatly distressed. I believe David will hit the state of hopelessness, fear and anxiety at this stage and probably be asking himself if life worth living.

Also, in job 1:6-20 , We read about how job rented his cloth and shaved his hair when he was attacked by Satan. I’ve seen people demonstrating all sort of feelings and emotional behaviour when something terrible happened to them. As a human being, Job is also likely to feel life is not worth living after losing a huge amount of possessions.

Again, in Mark 5:25–34 we read about the woman with issue of blood. The bible says she suffered in the hands of Doctors and spent lot of money looking for healing, but she found no solution. I believe this lady will be frustrated and distressed because of her condition. She may also feel life is not worth living after bleeding for twelve years.

All the three people mentioned above are likely to hit the state of fear, depression, anxiety, restlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, frustration, sadness, loneliness and fatigue at the first stage of their challenges. But there was a divine intervention because they made a move and encouraged themselves in the lord.

David inquire from the Lord and ask if he should pursue his enemy and recover back his possession . He was told to pursue after them and he will recover. He made that move and he recovered all.

Job also encouraged himself in the lord as he prayed continuously and even prayed for his friends. The bible says in job 42 vs 10 that God turned the captivity of job when he prayed for his friend.

The woman with the issue of blood heard about Jesus and she encouraged herself and came behind from the crowd. She activated her faith and touched the hem of Jesus’s garment and she received her healing and was made whole.

Some of us are going through trials and challenges now that we have no hope of breaking through. There are people in Hospital that have few minutes to live, there are people on their sick bed that have been diagnosed with incurable diseases , there are people that cannot afford to put food on the table for their family, there are people going through domestic violence and marital turbulence, and there are people out there that are suffering from physical, emotional, psychological and mental problems and there is no way out . I believe some of us going through the aforementioned situation will likely ask ourselves if life worth living.

I remember one Christmas day, years and years ago that I went through a situation of hopelessness, fear and anxiety and I couldn’t enjoy my Christmas. I have failed my driving test nine times before that Christmas day and I thought there is no point doing it again. I have lost so much money and I have to cancel work sometimes and also pay childminder extra to stay my kid. In fact, my situation got worse when my instructor said I am a good driver and I should have passed after my first test , but she just doesn’t know why they keep failing me. She advised me to ask my pastor to pray for me because she realised that I always get 1 minor and 1 serious fault, and she feels is not ordinary. This instructor decided not to take me on again because she felt my situation is hopeless and she cannot help me. I was frustrated, distressed and helpless and I cried my eyes out. Few days later I decided to take the test again and I prayed to God to guide me through the next test .I did the test for the 10th times in fear and I passed without any minor or major fault.

Am not sure what you are facing right now . Perhaps you are not sure how you will provide for your family, you are not sure how you will get a job , you are not sure how you will be healed of that deadly disease, you are not sure if you will see your children again, you are not sure when you will have kids of your own , you are not sure how you will pass those exams, you are not sure how you will resolve your marital issues , you are not sure how your ministry will grow, you are not sure how you will pay your debt and you not even sure where you will live tomorrow or next years. Have you hit that state of hopelessness, fear and anxiety or have you even concluded that life is not worth living.

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