Summary: Because Christ made a way to defeat Satan; you must refuse to yield to His crafty temptations to sin.

I. Have biblical convictions and always flee sin! v. 1-5

A. The strategy of confusion (1-3).

B. The strategy of presumption (4).

C. The strategy of ambition (5).

II. Refuse to allow sin to germinate and take root by yielding to it! v. 5-6

A. God provides protection from evil (5; 2:17).

B. Man chooses to ignore the source of protection (6).

III. Remember the uncontrollable and devastating fruit of sin! v. 7-13, 16-24

A. Consider the extent of corruption (7-10, 16-24).

B. Consider the opportunity to repent (11-13).

IV. Embrace God’s provision of victory over sin! v. 14-15, 17, 22-24

A. God curses evil to destruction (14-15).

B. God shows mercy to man (17, 22-24).

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