Summary: The book of Hebrews is trying to understand us that Christ is above all things , all persons and all glories. Nothing on the earth can replace Jesus Christ.


“And no one can become a high priest simply because he wants such an honour. He must be called by God for this work, just as Aaron was” (Heb. 5:4).


The book of Hebrews is trying to understand us that Christ is above all things, all persons and all glories. Nothing on the earth can replace Jesus Christ. This chapter talks about the qualifications of the High Priest in Judaism (Heb.5:1-4), Jesus was the High Priest (5:5-10).

Aaron’s Calling:

He was born to a very simple and God-fearing parents Amram and Jochedbed (Ex.6:20). Called to ministry at the age of 83(Ex.7:7). He married Elisheba (Ex.6:23). He was called by God (Heb.5:4, 7:11).

Aaron’s Commitment:

Though, God treated him equally like Moses (Ex.12:1,19:24) but his calling was not the calling of Moses. Moses was his Leader (Ex.7:1). He was made subordinate to His younger brother (Ex.7:1). He was directed by Moses (Ex.16:34).

He was a team member of small prayer Cell led by Moses (Ex.17:12). He did whatever his brother was commissioning. So, he was not invited to receive the Ten Commandments but Joshua had that grace (Ex.24:13-14).

It was a depressive and unwanted. Recently I heard one independent Church with huge members was divided because young brother was more powerful than the elder.

Aaron’s Decorative

He was good orator, preacher, crowd puller (Ex.4:14). He was obedient to the Lord (Ex.4:27-30). Aaron Staff swallowed up all the staffs of enemies. Aaron was blessed to know the cunningness of his opponents and able to bring under control (Ex.7:12).

The first high priest of Israel (Ex 28:1) but ordained by Moses (Ex.30:30, Lev. 8:12, 8:30). He was bearing the memorial stones for the twelve tribes (Ex.28:9-14). He was given very special duty of the atonement (Ex.30:10, 7).

God was concerned on the dress codes and the hair styles of the Priests (Lev.10:6). His staff was blessed (Nu.17:3,8).

Aaron’s Destructive or Weaknesses:

He was swayed by the crowd and not strong personality. He stood for timely survival (Ex.32:2-4). Joining the high-level rebellion against the leader and the will of God (Nu.12:1).

He introduced the Idolatry to the Exodus Community (Ex. 32:1-6). He did not condemn Adultery among the redeemed people (Ex.32:35, Dt.9:20). He rebelled against God’s appointed leadership (Nu. 12:1-2).

So, he Lost the ultimate blessing in his blessing that is entering in to the land of God (Nu.20:12,20:28). He lost the blessing on the earth but he sustained the call. However, he was called the Saint of God (Ps.106:16). What is the profit of the gaining the whole world and losing your own soul?


How far you understood your calling, how is your commitment, what are your strong decorative? What are the areas you struggle in your life?

We have called by God and we have committed to His Gospel, his kingdom. Why we should be purchased by the ideas and evil designs of men, friend, leader. Let us strengthen our strong holds and destroy the weaknesses for the Glory of God, Amen.

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