Summary: The power of God, when displayed, can cause the deepest doubt to erase. It can bring to life even the most bitter of hearts; cause faith to be birthed. When Lazarus was raised, how do you think it grew the Disciples faith? How about yours?

Life over Death

John 11:1-44

Several promises in today’s passage … excellent faith builder

Read John 11:1-44 / Pray

Point 1 - Jesus is our Friend (1-16)

Jesus receives word that Lazarus is sick; intimacy of relationship in v3

But, Jesus gives a promise (v4); shows His thinking is far deeper

No one could’ve known what was to come – so they accepted on surface

APP: Their understanding of Jesus’ words was “he’ll be alright”

So, they travel from Perea (probably) to Bethany (several days’ worth)

Re: Travel would’ve been during the daylight hours (safety, etc.)

Promise (v9-10) that anyone who walks in daylight will not stumble

While en route, their thinking again is on the surface only (v11-12)

They think he needs sleep; but Jesus confirms that Lazarus has died

Interestingly enough, Thomas has a different take on this trip

His name (Didymus) means twin; nothing is known about his sibling

v16: We might as well go and die also …

Point 2 - Jesus is Life (17-37)

Upon arrival, we would expect the normal funeral sadness

In v21, Martha even allows her grief to spill out as a near rebuke

But Jesus’s response is always one of comfort to those He loves

Martha confirms her knowledge of the OT promise of resurrection

His response is one of the most known in the Bible (v25)

It is a promise that we each have to hold onto

Begs the question: “What happens after death?”

-- there is s certainty of life with Christ for those who are His

-- but, must we wait until He returns to be with Him?

-- 2 Cor 5:8, “to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord”

v27 Martha accepts what is said, puts her faith fully in Christ

She knows that He holds the key to life everlasting; there is no doubt in her

Jesus is then taken to the burial site by the sisters

Along the way, something unique happens that we must note

Jesus is moved in His spirit, embrimaomai (anger over sin and death)

He is also troubled, etaraxen (agitation over the grief He sees)

APP: His heart is troubled, and this grief causes Him to weep

The Jews noted this (v36); but didn’t fully understand the reasons (above)

They simply viewed it as human grief, missing the full meaning

They practically taunt Him (v37); again, not contemplating the meaning

Point 3 - Jesus is Power (38-44)

Obviously after four days there would be an unpleasant aroma

Martha knew this, and was bound on them not experiencing it

But Jesus, gives her another promise to hold onto:

If you believe, you will see the glory of God (v40)

With the stone removed, notice what Jesus does – He prays

Now, was this necessary? No. But look at why He does it (v42)

For the benefit of those who will hear – that they may know it

What a tremendous encouragement for us today … that we would believe

We either believe all the Jesus is – or none of it; no middle ground

He then, after giving God glory, calls Lazarus out

Now, what this must’ve sounded in eternity … wow; Re: Carmen, “Lazarus”

With all of the authority given to Him, he displays God’s power

Big Idea

APP: Death is not the end! It can’t be, lest how could this happen?

If Lazarus, at death, was just finished … where would he be to be risen?

How could someone who ceases to exist come back to life?

The power of God, when displayed, can cause the deepest doubt to erase

It can bring to life even the most bitter of hearts; cause faith to be birthed

When Lazarus came forth – how deep do you think the disciple’s faith became?

Knowing this truth … how deep does it grow YOUR faith? / Pray

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