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Intro: a few years ago they took a poll on the most significant events in the history of mankind. Number one was Christopher Columbus discovering America, Man stepping on the Moon, and Man’s first flight. The birth of Jesus Christ was seventh on that list. Now I know going to the moon is great, and man flying is important, but to put anything above the life of Jesus Christ just doesn’t make sense. Understanding who He is, understanding what He’s done, and understanding what is about to happen is the most important thing you can have on any list. Today, I would like to give you life’s most important questions, and see that they all revolve around Jesus Christ as the Light of the World.

Life’s Most Important Questions

· How did I get here?

· Why me?

· What Should I be doing?

· Where am I heading?

· Is there anyone who can help me?

Ill) on TBN they did live interviews of people walking down a city sidewalk with questions on sin, the meaning of life, salvation, eternity and judgment. In most cases people didn’t have a clue about any of it and most felt that if you lived a good life, if you were a good person, that was all that really mattered. Today, I want you to know, being good in your eyes, and being right with God are two separate things, and we will discuss Life’s most important questions.

I. How Did I Get Here? More important than man flying, or landing on the moon or discovering America is the single most important thing that anyone needs to know, is how did I get here, how did mankind arrive.

a. some say it was a big bang theory—there was this mighty event in the galaxies and out of the midst of it all came mankind. We sort of just appeared on the scene of time. If you believe that, then listen to how the computer came about, a bunch of metal, and a bunch of wires, and some glass, along with plastic, in a mighty explosion just all came together and formed your computer that is on your desktop.

b. Some say we have evolved. That some little organism has kept evolving over billions of years and we have arrived at mankind. That maybe a few thousand years ago we were a bunch of tadpoles in a swamp. The other day a court threw out the idea of teaching creation or supreme being theology in school along side of evolution, it was stated they just weren’t comfortable with the idea of a supreme being bringing everything together.

c. The bible says in Genesis 1:1- in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. A supreme being brought this all into existence. As Christians that is our stance, our doctrine and our belief system, that God was creator, without him is nothing made.

Ill) Watchmen Nee relays the story of an island off the China coast how they were about to have a parade in dedication to the idol Ta-wang. The missionary brother Wu asked for the date of the parade and the elders of the island said, on the 11th. Even though the island was in the midst of a drought, Brother Wu said, your parade will be cancelled because of heavy rain. Sure enough, on the 11th it poured, but the elders, instead of acknowledging God, they said, the Spirits were angry because they chose the wrong date, the parade was to be on the 14th. Brother Wu promised the parade would be again cancelled because of heavy rain. On the 14th, it was a torrential downpour, and many islanders came to Jesus Christ. Why? because they learned that God is in control of everything in life.

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