Summary: Many of us are trying to lift our situations when we only need to lift our gift

Lift Your Gift

Sermon Scripture: Proverbs 18:16 (KJV)

Proverbs 18:16 A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

Many of us are under the impression that we need to lift our way out of our situation but if we just lift our gift then our situation will become God’s responsibility.

Wordweb defines the word gift with three different descriptions of the same basic word. They are;

1.) Something acquired without compensation

This means that someone gave you something that you did not have to pay for. The words of one of the great poets said that, “man may not get all that he pays for but he must certainly pay for all that he gets”. However when something is a gift it is an exception to this concept.

When someone we think is out to hurt us gives us a gift then we had better be careful in receiving it; For example when the people of Troy received the Trojan horse from their enemies.

However on the other hand when someone that we trust and love gives us a gift then we should be ready to receive it wholeheartedly and try our best to use it in their site as much as possible;

For example the sweater that your mother bought you for Christmas.

There are many good things to be said about a person who is wise enough to use the gifts that are given to them by a loved one

2.) Natural qualities or talent

This means that you did not have to practice to learn how to do this.

Although even when we have natural skills it is a great compliment when we attempt to build on those skills and study or practice that we may be able to use them better.

3.) The act of giving

This presents some of us with a challenge.

When we are trying to climb the ladder of success it is easy to forget that we need to be givers. We can get so tangled up in trying to attain our goals that we simply forget that we must give in order to freely receive. This act causes many of our blessings to come to us much slower than what we thought that they should because it involves using our heart instead of our brain.

It takes common sense to know that we need to hold on to the little that we have that we may have something for tomorrow

It takes the heart touched by God to know that it is more blessed to give that to receive

Some of us are finding ourselves in some really tight situations that are causing us to act like we have lost our minds.

We think that all we need is a little breathing room and we will be alright

I came by today to let you know that if you would lift your gift then you can make room for yourself.

Saints we need to lift our gift to God that he may have it to use for the kingdom of God.

(Proverbs 25:14) Some of us are faking like we have gifts but really we are just empty clouds.

To some of us that may not mean anything we say who are we hurting no one will ever know that we have been faking the anointing the whole time. To a farmer in the middle of a drought season that could be very aggravating to see clouds but never rain or to a saint that is on their last breath this may mean life or death.

There are many saints of God that have been blessed with the gift of laying on of hands to receive the healing but ther are other aints that we have to be careful not to allow them to even touch us or the very demon that they posses could be transferred to our fragile and believing hearts.

Some of us look like IT but we are not IT and don’t have any intention on becoming IT.

Some of us are confused as to what our gifts are. We believe that we have gifts but we are just not sure what God wants to do with us.

Well my dear friend in your case just do what feels natural then read your bible and follow the instructions.

You will soon find yourself headed in a specific direction with a specific purpose doing something that only you can do.

You have often wondered why did you learn certain things.

You have often looked at the things that you have stored in your garage and wondered why did you buy those things in the first place.

Well you bought them and you learned those things because you are gifted in those areas.

You need to allow God to use those gifts that they make room for you and that you may be of greater service to the kingdom of God.

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