Summary: Instead of hiding our eyes from God’s light, we should approach it and take it for our own use and to light the lives of others.

Living in darkness:

Seen by unclean acts [here, primarily immoral] (1-5)

Makes one an object of God’s wrath [active punishment] (6)

Joining with disobedient people (7)

Is a description of a believer’s former condition (8)

We must light the darkness we live in.

Approach God’s Light (8-13)

As a child goes to the light (8)

For goodness (9)

For righteousness (9)

For truth (9)

For proving God’s way, not looking for other ways (10-13)

Take and Use God’s Light (14-17)

Wake up, the light’s already shining (14)

Look around at where the light is shining (15)

Take advantage of each day now (16)

Take the time to look—and get a tan from God’s light (17)

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