Summary: Being weak in faith and commitment, you doubt the authenticity of your relationship and your salvation What should you do? How do you Hold on to your salvation so that no one will take your crown.

I have a confession to make:

As a teenager I was involved in a very intimate relationship. however, I played around and got into an affair, which led me to experiment with different partners – We had lots of fun.

One of My greatest hobbies was photography. during these experiences I took a lot of photos. I would like to share it with you this morning:

As I said, we had a very intimate relationship, “my happy snappy and I”

we had lots of fun. I started off with My 110 camera and we became very close, I was then introduced to a SLR 35 mm camera where I gained a lot of experience in photography, and then I got into an affair with the DSLR camera.

We had cutting edge technologically back then – I could take a picture and take the negative to the pharmacy and within 24 hours I had a well-developed photo.

but technology reduced the development time to – 1-hour flat – Wow!

then I discovered “this: “show them the polaroid camera”.

Its an ancient relic from early Biblical times – it’s called, “a polaroid camera” This is just too cool. within five minutes, the photo was developed. this was as good as would get!

Then came the 21st century with digital technology and social media and we became a very visual generation.

Facebook users have uploaded more than 200 billion photos to their site. adding more than 300 million uploads per day.

With the selfie – You can click and upload a photo in seconds.

Today, why wait five minutes when you can take a fully developed photo in a micro second? - you can send a picture around the world in five minutes

I can take and send a fully developed picture all the way to SA. The entire process takes - less than 10 seconds - I timed it!

But, have you ever thought about the steps and procedures that goes into the development of a photo?

First and foremost, if you want to capture an image, you need light – no light – no image. The light goes into a lens and sheds an image on a sensitive piece of transparent material called “a negative”. The light burns an image into the film.

During development, the film is taken to a dark room. light is projected through the negative and an image is projected onto a piece of paper. And then, through a process of chemical treatments, a photo is being forged. This entire process takes place in a dark room - no dark room, no photo!

To produce His image in us, God enters into the dark room with us. In the dark place, (In trials and temptations) Through the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, God molds us and shapes us to transform us into the Image of Christ. 2 cor 3:17,18.

By being exposed to Christ - The Light the World, the Image of God is being forged in us; He quickens us and He gives us a new nature and we are being transformed by the renewing of our minds. His Image transforms us into something beautiful. He changes us into a person who reflects His Light to a lost and dying world and Develops you into a picture of who He is. Col 3:10, Eph 4:24, I Cor 3:16, 2 Cor 3:16, Col 1:10-13, 2 Cor 3:17-18.)

Through the Blood of the Lamb and the word of His Testimony, the Holy Spirit penetrates the lenses of a dark and dying world and your testimony leaves an impression on the hearts and minds of Gods children - It changes them. (2 Pet 2:9) (Let your light so shine so that they may glorify your Father which is in Heaven) Rev 12:10-11(Matt 5:14)

The Glory of Christ enlightens them (Isaiah 60:1) It touches their hearts and it reaches into the innermost part of their being. it changes them and a picture of God’s Image is forged in them. (rom 8:26-27)

A born-again Christian is given a new nature, he is therefore already clean, even so, the Spiritual growth of newly Baptized Child of God is formed through a process of character development. Baptism is the first step.

A negative is delicate and very sensitive to dust; Protect it and keep it clean; small particles of dust will ruin the image. Be aware of the small foxes which destroys the vineyard - you will be affected. John 3:3, John 15:3.

Unfortunately, the devil is out to get us, He wants us to deny Christ and to lose our eternal life. He is walking around like a roaring lion, preying on our weaknesses. Therefore, 8 Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 1 Pet 5:8

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