Summary: Become like a Kid before Jesus.

Like a Kid Again

Christmas Story

Image that we are all 5 years old again and it is Christmas Eve and we have all been eagerly anticipating Santa for weeks. The Christmas tree it all lit up and the stockings are in the right place. We get all excited and we set out the milk and the cookies and then we go to bed early knowing that the sooner get fall to sleep the sooner he comes. Then starts the longest night of the whole year we wake up every hour on the hour hoping to sneak a peak of the Jolly old guy putting our treasures in there places but no sight. Then when it is still dark out we sneak to the living and our eyes light up as we see all the gifts wrapped tight under the tree. Mom and Dad slowly get up and the festivities begin unwrapping the gifts. Then we come to the last gift tear it open and it is the toy we had been waiting for all year long, and it is finally in our hands.

When we were kids we had no idea how one man in one night would travel around the world in one night with all of those toys in a sleigh with flying reindeer. We had no idea but we knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that he would come to our house.

Matthew 18:1-4

The Disciples come to Jesus and they are worried about who was going to be the biggest the best and the greatest the His kingdom.

Jesus then calls a child to come and stand by Him, and He says “I tell you the truth” if you do not change and become like this child you will never enter the kingdom. Whoever humbles himself and becomes like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Are we like the disciples are being concerned with who we are, or are we living our lives with Christ everyday like it is Christmas Eve?

How do we become like a kid again before Him?

1. Never stop asking for help

Story about Mary and how she almost drowns.

Psalm 30:2-3

1. We all know that kids have no problem asking for help, but as they get older they be to want to do things on their own and refuse help.

2. Child like faith is not for people who need little help it is for people who are desperate. So many times in our Christian lives we let our pride stand in the way of asking God for help and we want to try to pull our selves out of the pit we want to do it by our own strength.

3. Christianity is not about trying to pull yourself up or about how much we can do on our own it is about realizing that when we are at the end of the rope there is a hand waiting to pull us us.

It is like when Peter walked out to Jesus on the water in the storm and became frightened by the waves and began to drown. Peter could have been there all day in the water saying I am going to get it Jesus I can do it, I want to do it all alone Jesus but instead he lifted up his hand and Jesus pulled him up.

If we want to experience being a kid before Him,

We can never stop asking for help.

2. Never stop shouting

Matthew 21:12-17

1. Jesus comes into the temple and all around people are selling and trading and Jesus drives them all out, and after he does that people begin to bring in people who needed to be healed to see Jesus.

2. There were also children in the temple are and they were SHOUTING in the temple “Hosanna to the son of David” then came in some to the higher up religious people of the time and they were pretty mad, angry, offended, annoyed just not very happy.

3. Because of their anger they probably were trying to get the kids to shut up telling them “not here, not now, not about this guy” but the kids continued to shout there praises.

My sister love to sing and she is pretty good but sometime she gets this loud shout sing going on and when you tell to stop the loud singing it becomes even loud and longer.

So many times in our lives the world around us is telling us to shut it up to stop our shouting saying there are so many better thing to live you life for, so many better things to do with you time, not here, not now, not to this man.

If we want to experience being a kid before Him,

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