Summary: Sermon on the character of Jesus.

Like A Servant

Isaiah 42:1-7

I. Introduction:

In today’s society we are not comfortable with the idea of being a servant, but Jesus was. In Isaiah 42 we see the relationship between the Servant, Jesus, and the Master, God. Also, we see the relationship between the servant, us, and the Master, Jesus.

II. The Servant is Empowered by His Master

(whom I uphold)

(Mt. 28:18)

III. The Servant is the Elect of His Master

(mine elect)

(Colossians 3:12)

IV. The Servant is Enjoyed by His Master

(in whom my soul delighteth)

(Mt. 3:17; Mt. 17:5; John 12:28)

V. The Servant is Endowed by His Master

(I have put my spirit upon him)

(John 3:34)

VI. The Servant is Equipped by His Master

(he shall bring judgment)

(Psalm 96:13)

VII. The Servant is Exalted by His Master

(Isaiah 52:13)

VIII. Conclusion

You see the example of the Great Servant, Jesus Christ. Scripture commands us to be conformed to the image of Christ, to look like Christ, and when we leave here, to be a servant of Christ.

I know you all heard about the man who dashed into the church very late. And as the usher greeted him at the door he asked, "Is service over?"

And the usher smiled as he said, "Worship is over, but service is just now beginning."


Preached at Patterson Baptist Church 1-14-01

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